Just These Things: June!


Hey there!

This is the start of a brand new line of posts called, “Just These Things!” Each month, I will post out what are my favorite things to do. items, products, songs, etc. that I am really into for that month. We all tend to go through phases of liking certain things and I wanted to keep you updated on what those phases happen to be with me. So, without further ado, here are my June Picks for Just These Things!



Even if you don’t go all-out-smores, marshmallows are delicious as is. I also highly recomend chilling mini marshmallows and drizzling a bit of chocolate sauce on top for a fun treat!


Soft Alternative Music on Summer Nights!

Being outside on a summer night is so peaceful and one of my favorite things to do lately! Add some soft alt. music and really take in the moment. THIS is what summer is all about!


Sleeping In!

I LOVE sleeping in some days and finally having all this time to do so is really beautiful. Appreciate it!


Strawberry Lemonade!

Hello, summer! It’s both strawberry AND lemonade, which is incredibly perfect together!


Have you heard some of those mashups with multiple songs and artists combined into one? YouTube it sometime. I’m obsessed with them.



Drive-In Movie Theaters!

This past week, I went to my first drive in movie theater with friends and it was such an incredibly fun experience! (a bit buggy, though, so bring bug spray!) When the moon and stars lined the sky and the movie was so incredible everything was so beautiful. On top of that, it was a great memory made with friends! *FUN FACT: there are some great movies out in theaters right now!!!!

Those are my JUNE picks so check back in a month for my JULY picks! Also, share your JUNE PICKS through Twitter (@LockerStyler) and Facebook! I just might feature your picks here!

Until next time!


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