Lets Take A Moment To Pledge…

Hello stylists!

By now, you guys should know that my blog is basically going to be filled with fun crafts and other fun stuff, but lets take a moment to talk about an issue that can be found in schools, and even online.

You have all heard about bullying before, and also how it really can effect people, but sometimes people don’t even realize that there is a bully or maybe that one of your friends may be bullied. Some people aren’t even aware, and thats where you can help.

By commenting what you pledge to do about bullying, you can show people that you believe that bullying is wrong, and if you Tweet #stylersagainstbullying your pledge, the word will spread and together, we can get more people aware of the issues of bullying.

What will you pledge for?


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1 Comment

  1. You are so right! Everyone knows a bully and some people may even be one without knowing. Awareness is a good thing and it’s great what you are doing about it. If everyone was aware of how they like to be treated and treat others with that same respect, the world would be a better place! Good for you for making a difference!!! So, I pledge to always treat others the way I would want to be treated. Let’s all make a difference together!

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