Life and the End


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Lately I wrote this little free write for a literary magazine group that I’m a part of. I felt like I would just have to share it with you today.

Ticking to the End

Life’s weird. Really weird.
We’re people,
and people send time meeting other people
and growing used to life.
But just as they all accept the harmony,
it all changes.
Everything good ends, right?
Well, as life flips upside down,
time after time,
the End becomes more obvious,
and as if you can time your own death, the eyes widen.
I do believe in chasing life.
I do love realizing the beautiful chaos,
but at the end of the day, in human nature,
we tend to get too used to the life,
even when i’ll change.
The things and people we will miss,
as easy as it would be to try to part with,
get closer to us.
The clock ticks down, and despite all morals
telling up to break away,
we become so close that the world does shatter in the End.
Like breaking glass,
it must all be rebuilt,
and in hopes,
stronger than before.
But when we look back,
we realize it’s best that way.
Well, isn’t it?
Is it really better to embrace the End
by getting closer to what you love,
or is it all worth breaking away to feel
better while shattering less?
Is the heartbreak worth it?
For me, the mere idea of saying goodbye breaks my heart.
Saying goodbye means the End,
and i’m not totally ready to leave somethings in the past.
Mostly because,
how can what is perfect get any better?

So that’s that! I think growing up is one of the most difficult things about being a teenager, and when it becomes more apparent that you are growing up and moving on in life, it can be super scary and quite conflicting sometimes. Writing this put my jumbled thoughts into words and helped me see that when you see the end of something, whether it’s high school, or a relationship, or activity, or truly anything, it’s unsettling. Sometimes just realizing why shows us what we’re really not ready to leave behind. Some people cope by splitting away, and then there’s some like me who just get closer to those around me. It’s difficult, and my only advice here for you is to think about it and realize specifically what you can’t seem to part with. How are YOU going to move on?

Just some food for thought.


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