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I think that we can all agree that we all have those moments that we wish there was a way to make our lives easier. Although we can’t teleport when we’re late or make homework do itself, there are little ways to make our daily lives a bit easier with these few life hacks. Being on the Internet has taught me that life hacks are usually great ideas that I hadn’t thought about before. So, as one Internet persona to another, here are some life hacks that I find really make life easier sometimes.

  • Listening to intense cinematic music: This is GREAT for being productive! This includes, homework, writing, thinking, etc. It’s also great for dramatically looking out the window of a car. C’mon; we’ve all been there. Admit it.
  • Dresses! This one is for all you girls out there who seriously don’t know what to wear in the morning. If it is going to be a nice day, my go-to is usually a dress. You look super cute but you don’t have to worry about trying to match a top and bottom together! Easy!
  • Music in the Shower: I think that listening to any kind of music in the shower can provide for deeper thinking and a great way to let go of the day’s stress. Come to think of it, just really enjoying a shower in itself is a life hack.
  • All in One Binder: Maybe not so much this year, but in past years, I used to get a lot of papers for every class in school. Some of these I liked to keep with me as I went home while others remained in the main folder or binder. I learned that by carrying a small binder for JUST the papers you need back and forth, it saves you a ton.
  • Thinking of the Alternatives: The next time you feel a bit undecisive about a choice you need to make, think it through. Imagine that you made one choice. How do you feel about it? Now, imagine that you chose the other. Now how do you feel? Chances are, deep down, you know the answer. Sometimes, it’s too easy to try to convince ourselves to go down a different path. Follow your heart.
  • Upbeat Music, Water and Snack: This is a great way to pick yourself back up if you are feeling a bit sluggish. Just keep moving and you should be able to stay awake and alert!
  • DRINK WATER AND SLEEP: Improve your skin, health, and capabilities all by drinking water and sleeping. You will also feel better and more productive. It’s definitely a big win! Get a fun water bottle or tumbler to inspire yourself to drink more water!

I hope that those tips helped you out! It’s amazing how helpful these are in my life, and I truly hope that they help you in yours!

What is your go-to life hack?” Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @LockerStyler using the #LifeHacks.

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