Lots Of Love (DIY)


Hello Stylists!

It’s almost Valentines Day, and there are many wonderful gifts and crafts you can make to either decorate, or give to that someone special. This beautiful (and fun!) DIY project is a perfect gift for a friend, family member, or boyfriend/girlfriend, and looks absolutely STUNNING inside lockers!

Lets get started…


  • photograph of a flower, special moment, or anything that speaks out to you.
  • festive pattern wrapping paper (or you can be creative and design your own)
  • cardboard
  • glue
  • black perminent marker
  • scissors


  1. Take your cardboard and cut it down into a square. Cut another square on the inside so it would be a frame shape.
  2. Trim your photograph so that the image fits inside of the frame. Make sure there is extra paper at over the little square.
  3. Put that aside for a moment, and bring out the design wrapping paper. Cut it out so that it fits perfect over the frame front.
  4. Glue that in place.
  5. When dry, flip the frame around and add your photo. Place it carefully in the frame, facing the right direction, and then glue it in place.
  6. Add another piece of black covered cardboard over the back of the frame. Glue that in place.
  7. When you are happy with the result, sign the front of the frame and add a bow or ribbon if desired.
  8. Use the frame as decoration, or give it as a gift this Valentines Day!

This gift is a certain win! If you decide to make this, take a picture of it and send it to me! It may be featured in an upcoming post. You can also post the photo to Instagram with the hashtag #LotsOfLoveDIY and leave your user name in the comments below!

Sarah <3


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