LUV4BEAUTY: New Category For You Beautiful People!


Long time, no see.

That is EXACTLY how I feel when I realize that it has almost been a full year since this blog started up, and yet there isn’t a special category for beauty and hair care, plus all that other fun girly stuff. That is where your dreams are fulfilled and Locker Styler now has the LUV4BEAUTY category. As always, the categories can be searched up in that lovely search bar, so whether you are looking for DIY projects, seasonal trends, food, and so much more, feel free to search it up or scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the desired category in which you choose.

Okay, so lets get to some fun stuff here, shall we?

Here are some fantastic things to look forward to with this category…

  • FASHION 101: Chic? Glam? Need the top fashion? Girl, these are the posts you are going to LOVE! Major fashionistas will love these posts so that you be the most fashionable you at all times!
  • MAKEUP: Everyday, theater, Halloween and more! Makeup advice and tutorials may be heading your way for multiple reasons. You just can’t argue with makeup. It’s a girl’s best friend.
  • OOTD: Thanks to you wonderful people, this blog is possible, so of course I wanted to involve YOU in a daily contest! All you have to do is tweet @LockerStyler a description or photo of your Outfit Of The Day with the hashtag #OOTD and it may be selected to be put on a post that will combine a OOTD for each of the 7 days in a weekly post. Every entry will automatically recieve a RT and a FAVORITE, so everybody wins something for entering! HOW FUN!

I cannot wait to show you all these new kinds of posts you can start expecting on Locker Styler! Here are the main rules for entering the #OOTD contest on Twitter.

#OOTD Twitter Daily Contest

Official Rules and How to Enter

  • Make sure you have a Twitter account that is yours and it is not private. *private accounts will not be seen
  • You must be following @LockerStyler on Twitter
  • Tweet a description of your Outfit Of The Day or take a photo. 
  • Use the hashtag #OOTD

All entries are FAVORITED and RE-TWEETED as soon as possible. 

1 winning entry will be chosen per day to be shown in a weekly post featuring the 7 days of your OOTD’s.

I can’t wait! Let’s go!


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