LUV4theSeasons: Bringing Back Summer!


Hi there!

It’s still winter, and as I look out my window, it’s definitely not flip-flop weather! Nonetheless, there are many ways to bring sunshine into any cold and blustery day, and hopefully this post will shine some light for you.

* Wear bright colors/ dresses with layers/ etc.
* Listen to tropical music
* Find ways to relax regulary
* Smile: you’ll BE happier!
* Pool deprived? Go to a local indoor pool for a swim
* Read books based on summer
* TUMBLR is full of warm & summertime photos
and most importantly…
MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE CHILL because once the heat comes back, these windy days sound quite nice! The more you find the beauty of winter, the faster it will go by!

“What season is your favorite?”let me know in the comments below!

Stay Chill!

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