LUV4theSEASONS: Festive Autumn Tree!


Hey there!

This weekend has been very crafty, so I have decided on showing you a great fun craft that can continue all year round! This is the seasonal tree, and this post is set on letting you know I decided to decorate it for autumn! The great thing about this tree is that it can be left out all year, and every new season, holiday, month, etc, you can change the decorations!

What you need:

  • small teeny tiny tree
  • location to put the tree
  • festive lights (I used orange & purple Halloween lights)
  • some form of seasonal garland
  • ornaments (which as  shown are actually hand made!)

Here are some pictures of the tree (as well as the adorable tree topper) that was made in this household. I would love to see what you guys create, so definitely send your pics via Twitter @LockerStyler! I may even feature them on the blog!

IMG_3690 IMG_3698 IMG_3682


Are you going to make the seasonal tree? What other seasons are you looking forward to for decorating the tree? Let me know in the comments below! 😀


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