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Happy Winter!

Maybe it’s not technically winter yet, but…BRRRRRR….the weather may seem like it! As awesome as the pretty scenery is, there are some things about winter that just make it a rough season to go through sometimes. In honor of this, these are my must have winter essentials that help winter be more livable even in those miserably blustery moments.

  • Peppermint Mocha  I may seem like a total C.W.G. saying this, but winter is the perfect time for this yummy and festive drink!
  • BLISTEX Silk & Shine Extreme Lip Product  Every single nightly usage keeps those lips from going dry, cracked, and all around nasty! KEEP EM’ SMOOTH and SILKY!
  • Tea with honey  A cup of tea with honey every night actually helps prevent you from drying out over night and waking up with that sore throat that would lead to a cold.
  • Boots and Scarves  Fashionable, trendy, and perfect for keeping you warm too! I actually miss boots and scarves in the summer when it’s too hot to use them.
  • (ALOE!) Kleenex on the go  MUST HAVE RIGHT HERE. My nose is pretty stuffy all winter long and this is a BIG yes to always have with you. Aloe infused tissues are perfect to keep in the locker as well.
  • Moisturizer and lotions  It’s important to hydrate your skin! There are great facial moisturizers and wonderful scented lotions to help. And you know what? It SMELLS nice!
  • Robe and Slippers  I love being super cozy with pj’s, a heavy robe, and slippers. They really help you stay cozy and warm!
  • Gloves in jacket touch-accessible for touch screens  I keep my gloves in my jacket at all times because you never know when you will use them! I love my touch gloves because I can still work my phone AND keep warm hands! WIN WIN!

“What are your winter essentials?” Let me know in those comments below!

Warmest Wishes!


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