Making the Most Out of the Rest of the Year

Hey there!

It’s May already and as we learn every single year, the last several weeks of school tend to fly by and drag on all at the same time. However, it’s super important to make these last few weeks count! Especially for all of you seniors out there who’s entire worlds are about to change.

So without furthur ado, here are my top tips for making the most out of whatever remaining time you have in school…

Keep the Grade Game Strong!
This is SOOO important! Last quarter grades always matter, so keep focused, do well on tests and any work you may have and remember to strive for your best! If the nice weather happens to be super distractng, feel free to work on any homework or studying you may have outside instead!
The end of the year can get super stressful! Take time out of that business and rewind sometimes. Someimes, all it takes is a relaxing moment to focus and get back on track without feeling overwhelmed!
Be with friends!
I know that you still have all summer to do that, but it’s really important to be with them now too! There’s going to be so many great memories made over these last few weeks, so of course, you should share them with the people you care about!
Thank You.
Perhaps, you had a favorite teacher or someone who made your school year extra special. They deserve an extra welcoming thank you and you will feel great about letting them know why they rock! It’s a nice gesture that wraps up the year quite well.
Yearbook Frenzy!
Write nice things. Long nice things. Years down the road, when you look back on that yearbook, you’re going to want to read all about what made that year so special. By writing long meaningful notes in your friends’ yearbooks and getting them to do the same in yours, the yearbook messages will be way more meaningful and special now and later!
Have fun!
Take photos! (use that filter you love!) Enjoy these last few weeks and make them count! Oh, and just think…SUMMER!!!!!!

I hope that you enjoy the next few remaining school weeks!

“How are you going to make this time memorable?” Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @LockerStyler!

Happy ALMOST Summer!


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