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Recently, I have had the incredible opportunity to visit Vancouver where the show “Once Upon a Time” on abc films. Naturally, I love filmmaking and storytelling and this show has always been such an inspiring and well put together show. There is something so genuine about every little detail about it from the actors to costuming, music, camera shots, etc. Yes, I normally love being in filming locations and backlots, but being in that quaint little area I knew as Storybrooke, Maine had been such an incredible experience that I had to share with you about today.


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First things first: yes. The town is real. Most of the OUAT scenes are either filmed on location in Vancouver or in a studio. The town with the clock tower, Granny’s, Mr. Gold’s shop, the dock and bakery? All of those locations were found on Moncton Street, Richmond, British Columbia. Walking down those streets was such an incredible experience. It actually felt as if I was a part of the OUAT world as well!

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*FUN FACT: “Any Given Sundae” was set up for the FROZEN arc. It’s actually used now as a storage room and a hangout area for the cast during filming! I peaked through the blinds! There’s no ice cream, but there’s a lot of props!

While in Richmond, not only did I get to explore the town, but I got to be in some pretty cool places. For one, Mr. Gold’s shop. When I was there, the cast were filming in the studios, so the town was in its normal state of Steveston’s Village, but there was signs of Storybrooke everywhere. The crew changes around the areas of filming as needed, and while in Gold’s shop (which was actually an adorable gift shop called “It’s Posh!“) I got to see what it normally looks like. The cashier was really nice and told us about filming. The back area of the store was also open, as well as a little courtyard beyond that. A lot of the merchandise was also OUAT-inspired, which was really cool in itself!


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Okay, so of course one morning I had brunch at Granny’s! It’s actually the Cannery Cafe! Sitting in the window spot, overlooking the town as I drank a signature hot chocolate with cinnamon was amazing. They also have amazing hot dogs! Oh, and the signs for the regular stores are actually over the signs for those building’s counterparts. In the back of the Cannery Cafe, I also enjoyed looking at a bunch of signed photos from casts/crews of films and TV shows that were filmed in Steveston.

IMG_0102 IMG_0201 DSC_0069

If you have the means to walk along the pier, I highly recommend. It’s gorgeous!

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For a couple of dinners, we dined at Dave’s Fish and Chips, which has amazing fish and chips! The service was great and the food was delicious! Plus, it was right next to Mr. Gold’s shop…how cool is that?!?!?


I also have to note that there are some locations further away that I got to check out. First stop? Regina Mills’ house in Westminster. Down the street, there’s Rumple/Mr.Gold’s house too!

DSC_0099 DSC_0112

There’s also a park/beach that they had filmed at several times before that I visited. The sunlight was shining through the clouds, and I knew for certain that Vancouver is such a breathtakingly beautiful place.

DSC_0120 DSC_0135 DSC_0141 DSC_0142

Being in Storybrooke was a undescrible experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. There’s so much to see and do there and the people are so kind. If you do have the means to go, I highly recommend. Just bring a camera: there is so much to photograph. It’s picture perfect.IMG_0708

All in all though, being there felt as if I was one of the characters in the show being a part of my own story, and it got me thinking. You know, we all take actions every single day and those actions have a scenery and it makes up the story of our lives. No matter where we are, everyone has a story that they live through. We are characters and this is the book, movie, or TV show of our life. Deep thought, I know, but it’s a neat way at looking at things.

Live that story.



DISCLAIMER: this is not a sponsored post and all information and opinions are of my own. pictures were all taken by me February, 2015. I have nothing more to do with abc and/or Once Upon a Time other than the fact that I am an avid fan of it. These written experiences are my own.

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