October Challenge!

Hey there!

October is here which means…the very first Monthly Challenge has arrived! From now on, on the first of every month, a new Monthly Challenge will come out, and you have until the last day to take part in this challenge. These challenges are meant to be fun and artsy, so feel free to be as creative as you can!

For October, the challenge is: Spookiest Locker!

Design and decorate the outside of your locker to be as spooky as it can be, without anything touching your neibors locker.

Be creative and have fun! When you’re done, send a photo of your work to: lockerpics@lockerstyler.com and remember to label the email “OCTOBER CHALLENGE”. If your picture is chosen to be put online, you will get to see it in the “Gallery” page. If your picture wins, it will be featured on the “Locker Of the Week!” page for the first month of November. All entries published onto the “Gallery” page will automatically be selected into a video for YouTube, used for later veiwing.

Have fun!


*Disclaimer: All sent photos must be original and taken by you. If selected to be online, Locker Styler Design Edition owns copyright on your photos.

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