On the Road!


Recently, I went on a trip which so much had happened so I thought I would post about it. Just to name a few places, I visited Boston, Salem, and even the sweet little town of Friendship, Maine! Here is my little travel journal from being on the road!


We actually started off by going to Pittsfield, MA which was really interesting and cool to see.


For dinner, we found a Chick-fil-a. I LOVE Chick-fil-a, but they don’t have any in New York, so whenever we’re on the road or somewhere else, this is a must-do!


The buildings in Boston are BEAUTIFUL and so unique! I felt like I was photographing everything and yet still missing a ton!


Also, I had to take note of the cute street lamps throughout the city.


The towers were also really unique and I couldn’t help but wondered how they were decorated on the inside!


I began to wonder if I was actually in a real city, or actually in a movie set!


But then, I got to visit Salem, Massachusettes; home of the famous Salem Witch Trials! There’s a really quaint area which has the historical feel to it and that magical charm and I had such a great time walking around the area! (Oh, and for you Harry Potter fans, there’s totally a wand store.) Really though, walking around made me get those wonderfully creepy Halloween vibes and it was only July!

DSC_0052Okay, i’m such a mermaid-freak! This photo just had to be taken!


This picture turned out way more blurry than I had thought, but nonetheless, American Joe’s Bar & Grill was a delicious stop for dinner!



aaaaand we’re back in Boston! We stopped into some of the great stores such as the Apple store (second largest in the world, might I add!), the Mac Cosmetics store (hello, new lipstick!) and other spots down the block. I had also begun to realize that I was where they film some of abc family’s Chasing Life! (Starring past interviewees Italia Ricci and Scott Micheal Foster)


Thus I began the long walk to where they film the exterior scenes of April’s house. During that walk, however, we passed more beautiful buildings.

DSC_0084Check out this original cobblestone pavement!


Eventually, we made it to April’s house, where I took plenty of pictures and video!


On the way back from the residential area to the heart of it all, we even passed through some beautiful park areas. I also had to stop for this photo moment because it was just too cool with the buildings reflecting upon other buildings.


Eventually, night time hit and we headed back to the hotel. However, I got this cool shot by accident and just had to post it!


So the next day, we drove up to Maine. Specifically, Friendship, Maine. (Anybody seen Casper?) It was so rustic and beautiful and kind of reminded me of Vancouver!


I visited the ocean too and got great footage, fresh air, and a lovely shell that now rests on a shelf in my room.


See? Gorgeous!


Being in Maine and all, we began a quest to find a place to try lobster for the first time. However, there wasn’t really a lot of restaurants to be seen around, but we did find a lot of fishing and boating areas!




Thus, we finally found this fun little lobster shack with a really pretty view. It’s called Claws, in case you would like to go check it out! Keep in mind, I never had lobster before so I had no clue what to expect!


…and then this little pinchy arrives! (He’s totally cooked and everything, no worries!) Anyway, eating lobster like this is quite the experience so I won’t say much, but I do advise for you to try it sometime! It’s actually quite yummy!


I usually don’t take pictures of bathrooms, but this was the exception. I wanted to stare at this wall for a long time.


Eventually, the day came to a close and we headed back to the hotel. The next day, we set back for home.

To conclude, I really enjoyed this getaway trip! It was a ton of fun and I got to see and do so many really cool things. If you liked this post and would like to know more about the trip, I have a video journal/vlog/thing to go along with it! (For upcoming videos of all sorts, feel free to subscribe!)

For wherever the road takes you…



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