Quick n’ Yummy Summer Snacks!



It is OFFICIALLY summer, which means, a whole lot of things. One in particular being that it is the season for yummy snacks that aren’t necessarily pre-packaged or sold at your school vending machine! That’s right people, it’s time to get out your inner Pinterest-inspired baker and have some fun snacks! Oh, but it always helps to keep healty with these snacks to keep that summer body game strong. So, I managed to find some little snack ideas that I like which are perfect for these blissful summer days!

Applesauce with Cinnamon

I am OBSESSED with both apples and cinnamon, and if you have kept up with me for a while, you know that I love all things fall time. But who says that apples and cinnamon are exclusive to the autumn season? My go-to lately is combining a dash or two of cinnamon with some original applesauce and mixing it all together…YUM!

Carrots – Steamed or Normal

Any kind of carrot is a great kind of carrot. Not only are they tasty and can be served many different ways, but they also make for a great healthy snack! If you also like salad dressings or dips, carrots also make for a great place to put those fine toppings!

Anything Fruit

Fruit in the summer is everything. You can serve it as a fruit salad or just munch! You can even put fruit on TOP of a salad, which is super aesthetically Insta-gram worthy, and delicious! Basically, fruit screams summertime. (oh, and if you’re feeling crazy, try a pinch of salt on watermelon…strangely satisfying! Or nah. Are you team salted watermelon?)


Smoothies are very healthy, easy to make and straight up yummy! You can go green and use veggies or make a fruit smoothie. If you don’t happen to have fresh fruit on hand, there’s also smoothie mixes that you can find at local grocery stores.

Snack Pizza

Pizza is always amazing, but if you’re just looking for a fun snack, I reccomend taking a round cracker as the crust, some jelly as the sauce and some fun toppings of your choice! You can also make a little pizza by cutting down the original recipe sizes to make a personal pizza.

Jelly Roll

One of my personal favorite ways to enjoy a tortilla wrap is to warm it and then put some raspberry jelly on the inside, smother it around and then roll it up. This is a fun snack and a delicious side for a summer day!

I hope that you enjoy some of these fun snack ideas this summer! If you try any of them, I want to hear about it so tweet me @LockerStyler, post them on Pinterest or Facebook, or leave a comment below!

Happy Summer!



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