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Happy February!

It is already the second month of 2013, and today, I’ve decided to post a brand new DIY project for your locker! One thing about me is that I absolutly LOVE quotes, and I will find any way to show that. If you love quotes, (which I can’t see why you wouldn’t) I highly reccomend trying out this DIY project which turns any locker into a place of inspiration and peace.


  • wrapping paper
  • tape and glue
  • bold markers (preferably, Sharpie brand)
  • cut out shapes of contruction and/or white printer paper


  1. Set your locker door empty so that absolutely nothing is on it.
  2. Tape the wrapping paper inside the door, and cut out the edges so that the paper fits perfectly on the door.
  3. When secure, write down some of your favorite quotes using a black marcer on the white printer paper, and place it with glue or tape on the construction paper cut outs. Add color wherever needed!
  4. Place the quotes on the cut outs on the locker door and make sure that they will stay. For extra support, place magnets on the corners.
  5. Place any other locker accessory for the door back on it.

This is a fantastic way to decorate your locker, while having some of your favorite quotes on it too! If you’re looking for great quotes to use, try searching around online or check out the page on this site for the Quotes Of The Week! http://www.lockerstyler.com/?page_id=56

Do you have a favorite or original quote that you would like to share? If so, comment them below, and they may be featured in an upcoming post or the Quote Of The Week page!


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