Season of Love: Valentines Day D.I.Y. <3


Hello lovelies!

This upcoming Friday is Valentines day! OH, THE EXCITEMENT IS REAL! Whether or not you celebrate Valentines Day, you can still enjoy some fun D.I.Y. projects I’m featuring here today! I actually have the honor of being a part of a improv show that day, so of course i’m EXTRA super excited for Friday! Woo there, okay back to business. Point of the matter is, there are plenty of amazing reasons to enjoy the only Valentines Day 2014 has to offer! Let’s get started…

What to Wear?

GIRLS! What better day than to wear a dress or fun skirt is there? If it’s colder where you live, even a red sweater and leggings work! Pop in the reds and pinks and don’t forget to add some sparkle! There are plenty of fun dresses to wear! Match your outfit with fun jewelry and wear that extra ring…



Perhaps some of the best makeup looks for valentines day are the more clean and simple ones! I would start off with a light layer of powder and/or concealer to get that “fresh” look. Then, a little bit of mascara, some pinkish blush, and red lips add for a perfect look! If you want to add a little bit of eyeliner, add a thin line to the top becoming more thick at the outer edge of your eye. Don’t forget to wear your sm:)e!

Smoothie Start

Valentines day usually involves a whole lot of amazing chocolate, but a delicious way to start your day is with a smoothie! Add orange juice, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and whatever other kind of berry you wish, and blend it all up! Pour into a mug or tumbler and enjoy! Smoothies are a delicious and healthy way to start your day off!

Send Handwritten Valentines!

I love anything handwritten! It just adds an extra touch. Instead of sending a text, email, or social media text, get out those gel pens, fun stationary paper, and all that good stuff and write a handwritten letter to send! For extra flare, add some sparkles into the envelope so when the receiver opens it, glitter makes everything sparkle! Add some extra flare with fun designs on the envelope too! 😀


I hope you have a very wonderful Valentines Day! “How do you celebrate Valentines Day?” Let me know in those fabulous comments below!


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