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Today’s post is a little different than usual due to the fact that I wanted to shake things up a bit. Something very important in our daily lives is skin care and there are many fun little ways to keep your skin clear and healthy!  Here are a few of my little secrets to great skin care and beauty!

  • USE SUNSCREEN: The sun is hot and dangerous! Keep some spf to prevent skin problems and burns!
  • MOISTERIZE: Keep your skin nice and fresh and use moisturizer every night before you sleep!
  • WASH YOUR FACE: Washing your face at least once a day keeps away dirt from irritation!
  • TOOTHPASTE TIP: Got a pimple? Don’t pop it or use makeup to cover it! Just add a little bit of toothpaste before you sleep and it will dry out by morning!
  • SOFT LIPS: Before you sleep, use a lip balm. For chapped lips, use something a little stronger. Continue wearing some form of lip balm throughout the day too for super soft lips!
  • H2O POWER: Drink lots of water and eat fruits! That stuff helps your skin be the best it can be!

So what are your beauty and skin care secrets? Let me those with those fabulous comments below!


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  1. I had no idea water and fruit helped skin! That is so cool, and I love fruit so that won`t be hard to do! Your blog is awesome! I`ll come back every week! 🙂

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