So I haven’t written here in a while due to the chaos of school and literally every incredible thing happening in my life right now, but I thought I would take a moment here to document a VERY cool event I attended recently!streamysportraits_rr_224

That’s right…I went to the Streamys Nominee Reception at YouTubeSpaceLA on October first with my friends, Eva and Joel. We got to go to film some interviews and Snapchats but ended up experiencing a YouTube event of a lifetime.

streamysportraits_rr_235 streamysportraits_rr_240

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There were a lot of photobooth options, including a flip book maker (GIFs IRL, amirite!?!?!?) which we definitely attended to. There was a DJ, music, and a headshot truck which of course, we had to stop by…


There was a wall of donuts, the award show being taped at the outdoor theater area, and a very chill atmosphere. While I have met quite a few of the YouTubers recognized at the end, I got the chance to meet and speak to some incredible YouTubers like Anthony Padilla, Joey Graceffa, Rafi Fine (FineBrothers), Alex Aiono, Phillip DeFranco, Jordan Doww…just to name a few. I also met Monique Coleman (Taylor from High School Musical!!!!!) and continued to question #WhatIsLife.

But here’s the thing about this amazing event; I may not neccessarily see myself on the same level of these incredible creators, but all of us there had so much in common. We all create content and share it with the world. While it may or may not matter how many followers and subscribers you may have, what does matter is how much passion one has for what they do. Just being at this event proved to me that I am exactly where I need to be. I’m a creator and this was an incredible moment in my life to really embrace that everything that happens in life truly happens for a reason.

So with that being said, a special thanks to Eva for inviting me, Joel for being a cool dude that I was very happy to become friends with that day, Motoki and Sam for joining us at the event and all of the YouTubers whom I talked to that night for being insipring and giving me the time to try not to fangirl and have an actual creator-to-creator conversation. Also, congrats to the winners both that night and the following Tuesday during the award show!

See more photos from events this year’s events on Twitter @sarahfhamilton and Facebook!

You can also see a TON of cool footage from this event in my LIVIN’ CA episode for that week!

Until next time!


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