Sunday in Malibu

What happens when you turn into a potato with a sad Insta-feed?

You go to Malibu.

A friend and I decided to go on some more spontaneous LA adventures yesterday and visit Malibu! While the traffic wasn’t too bad, parking was a struggle, but eventually, we made it to the pier in time to go to Malibu Farm!


For those of who who have never been, on the Malibu pier, there is the Malibu Farm restaurant and at the end of the pier, a cute shop and the cafe. The line for the cafe was long, so we chose to wait a little bit for the main restaurant. While we may have missed brunch hours, the ambiance was so cute and beachy and the food was absolutely decadent!




For dessert, I tried the organic chocolate froyo (which was incredible!) and my friend tried the Honey and Lemon Basil ice cream on a whim for the sake of adventure. It was…interesting…but strangely really tasty! (there was a lot, so of course, I tried a bit!)



Also, the pier in itself had so many picture perfect spots for random mini photoshoots…





There is something truly peaceful about Malibu. The perfect cerulean seas, the warming sunshine, and the beach vibes make it a perfect place to visit on a lovely Sunday morning!


I love spontaneous LA adventures! You can follow them all at my twitter (@sarahfhamilton) and my YouTube channel! (LIVIN’ CA!)

Until next time, Malibu!

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