Ten Things To Do This Summer!

Sumer is SOOO close!

But I think that it’s totally fair to say that a couple weeks into every summer, life begins to get a little bit boring. There are definitely moments where you may not know what to do and that’s why I wanted to help by coming up with ten things to plan to do with your friends this summer! Not only will the time be filled to it’s greatest potential, but you will make a ton of great memories as well!

1. Make a Music Video/Film Project/Challenge Video!

There is something so much fun about taking a camera or even your phone and getting all glamourous for a video! Rock out to your favorite summer jam in a music video, create a short film and act out anything your want or even make a fun internet-inspired challenge video!

2. Photo-shoot Time!

Get out those cameras (even a polaroid would be GREAT for this!) and be all dressed up full out with your friends and take fun pictures! Not only are they fun for the moment, but they last forever so you can keep the memory long after the summer is gone!

3. Movie Nights!

Who’s got the popcorn? Find a fun flick and invite all your friends to watch it! If you’re super outdoorsy, take the fun outside and watch at a drive-in theater or make your own projected film in the backyard! Plus, bonfires are super fun too! Just remember the bug spray so you literally don’t get chewed alive.

4. Explore New Places!

Summer brings a TON of free time so use it to the fullest potential! Find a new place that can even be local that you have never been before and go exploring! Whether it’s a festival or a hiking trail, just stay safe and feel free to do something new.

5. Swimming!

If you or one of your friends have a swimming pool, have a pool party and picnick for lunch! This is especially a great thing to do on those super hot days.

6. Beach Day!

If you have a local beach nearby, I reccomend spending a day there sometime this summer! There’s something about boardwalks, sandy toes and the sound of the waves that scream “summer!”

7. Group Chats!

This is personally something that I have grown to love all year around, but group chats are literally so much fun! Especially with a group of really close friends, a lot of random-yet-great things happen in group chats and they can go on and on.

8. Baking Day!

I love to bake. I also love food. I’m sure that you can relate with at least one of those statements. Even if you aren’t the best baker, it’s really fun to take one of those rainy days and spend it making something that you can eat after it’s done. For more recipe ideas, search in the Locker Styler search bar for my THEYUMBOOK tag.

9. D.I.Y. Day!

There’s this site called Pinterest…but really though, there are so many great DIY projects out there and some even featured on this site that make for a fun summer activity to dedicate a day or two for! Again, by the end, there will be great memories and something that you have to hold onto!

10. Do Something New!

Try hiking, canoeing, camping, ice-cream making, go-karting, etcetera! This is a great opportunity to spend time the way YOU want to so feel free to try new things and make great memories!

“What do YOU want to do this summer?” Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @LockerStyler!

I hope that this post got you excited about summer! It sure did for me! Remember to make these last few weeks count and get ready for an incredible summer!

Happy May!


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