The END (?)

Hey there!

I usually don’t post on Tuesday’s but today is an exception because yesterday was my LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! In the Fall, I will be beginning college and it’s so wierd to think that this whole first chapter of my life is ending here. However, as scary as everything can be when time begins to truly run short, I am here to say that there ARE in fact ways to get through Senior Year and get to a point where everything really is OK. (Even when it doesn’t feel like it ever could be!)

This past year has truly been a roller coaster of emotions. Mostly because I never really wanted to move on. Sure, the future was always going to be exciting and all, but I had felt as if time moved on too quickly and for most of this year I just didn’t want everything I knew so well to end. However, I know now that it’s not the end. For everything that I spent a lot of this year thinking that I was going to miss, I eventually came to the conclusion that those things won’t end. They may change, but not end.

So, the next time that you are afraid of something coming to an end, think about it and hopefully you can realize that it’s not really ending. It’s changing. Change is normal and necessary and should make you excited for the future.

Best of luck to you.


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