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As you may already know I am an official college student.

Which basically means that I have far too much access to coffee.

And yes – us college folk love our coffee!

With a Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and several other locations for coffee on campus, I have truly learned this past month of just how much of a staple coffee is on campus. Here is what I had also learned about coffee as a college student…

  • YES, you CAN overdose on caffeine!!!! – Turns out, getting a triple shot mocha before class was not the best idea!
  • 24/7 Study Buddy – I personally do not drink more than one cup a day at most when it comes down to the bean and even if I am to have something after dark, I usually make it tea…however, there’s plenty of people who keep themselves focused and going even later in the night through coffee. On set days, I tend to agree that coffee is also the way to go.
  • Coffee Dehydrates You! – I knew this one before, but under the constant sunshine, with all of the walking, I tend to get super dehydrated normally and coffee only makes it worse so DRINK YOUR WATER!
  • The Starbucks line is far too long – The on-campus Starbs is brandy new, which basically means that the wait for your latte is going to be long…however, it’s always worth the wait!
  • Chai lattes are just not for me – I had always wanted to try a chai…one not really Pinterest-ed by me… but turns out, it’s just not my thing. I LOVE cinnamon and I LOVE tea but that just wasn’t it.
  • Mochas are LIFE – Perhaps it was the accidental mocha when I ordered a hot chocolate all those years ago that got me hooked on coffee, but I still LOVE mochas so much! They are a perfect blend of coffee and chocolate and literally make my day whether iced or hot.

…and last but definitely not least, Coffee is Beautiful because it really just is. Of course, drinking it in moderation is always best, but there’s something amazing about coffee that really does stand out in my world and probably yours too! Oh, and if you’re more of a tea person…TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE! Tea is amazing too and maybe one of these days I will have a post about it too!

I hope you enjoy your free and discounted coffees on this fine National Coffee Day!

Thank you for joining me today for The Java Jive where I drink coffee and write about coffee.


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