The Peanuts Movie Premiere!

Hey there!

 I recently got to attend the Peanuts Movie Premiere in LA! Not only did I get to hang out with the stars, but I also got to film a ton of awesome interviews for my friend Eva, from OntheSpotInterviews on YouTube! The event was amazing, and I thought that I would bring you a little behind the scenes action from the event!


First of all, check out the ADORABLENESS that is this giant inflatable Snoopy house! It took up the whole street which was closed down and blocked off for the event. This all took place here in sunny LA and Fox really did a great job setting up such an awesome premiere event.


Not only was Snoopy walking around, but there were a ton of celebrities from the cast, crew, family, and friends! In addition to the people in the interviews that we filmed (which were mostly cast and crew of the movie!), others like Meghan Trainer, Rico and Raini Rodriguez, Tori Spelling, Betsey Johnson, and so many others were there as well. In fact, I totally got a picture with Meghan Trainer, which is pretty cool in itself…


Not only was the weather sunny and warm, but the entire event involved lots of fun and smiles. They also played a couple of the songs from the soundtrack as well to get everyone pumped up and excited.


Eventually, the movie was about to begin and things wrapped up on the carpet as the press finalized their last few interviews. The whole experience was incredible and I bet the movie is phenomenal too!

So there’s your behind-the-scenes look at The Peanuts Movie premiere here in sunny LA. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. Check back weekly for all new posts and keep your eyes peeled for more behind the scenes looks into my life! You can also check out more of these events and all things that I am up to on my YouTube channel. Also check out Eva’s channel for the interviews!

Have a wonderful day!


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