The Secret to Dreaming



Recently, I have been thinking a lot about dreaming. I love sleep, and nothing is more awesome than when you go into a lucid state and can control your dreams. Dreaming is so interesting. Just think about it; your mind is wandering through and creating a life-like experience in a mental world. How cool is that?!? I even find that usually, my dreams are always in the same world and in those dreams, I have memories of past dreams more than my real past. Wierd, right?

That’s why today, I wanted to take a moment to bring up a great way to keep track of your dreams and subconsciencely be able to eventually control them more.

keep a Dream Journal.

Take a journal to keep track of your dreams. When you first get up in the morning, take a moment to write down what you remember. As time moves on, I find myself forgetting things. Just write as much as you can. After a while, these dreams will add up and you’ll have a book of your past dreams. I love reading through past dreams because they actually make me remember them better. Sometimes, they even help for lucid dreaming.

Dreams are cool and I love looking back at past dreams and trying to figure out what they mean. Sometimes they can even forsee something in the future or bring back a memory from the past. So, track your dreams for a while. See what you discover.

Dream On,


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