Craving something sweet?

Me too.

Lately, I have been on a pretty big health kick where I am just eating healthier and trying to make better decisions. Since coming to college, one of my major challenges of “adulthood” has been figuring out who I am as a foodie and it is especially hard being in LA, where culture is literally half EAT ALL OF THESE AMAZING THINGS AND DONUTS and HIT THE GYM, KALE FOR LIFE, AND GREEN SMOOTHIES ALL THE WAY. Again, I don’t think eating in college is normally an easy task for freshies everywhere, but lately, I have been doing especially well.

That is…until I woke up today with a MAJOR sweet tooth! (Which is rare since-if anything-I prefer salty foods.) Turns out, my quick breakfast choice was a latte and a cinnamon roll (NO REGRETS). For lunch, I got a small salad with garbanzo beans, lettuce, cheese, quinoa, black beans, and carrots. Ooh, and the wonton crunchies! However, I ate it in my room and then decided that dessert sounded good. So, I ended up making the most incredible smores ever. The recipe is as follows:



  • pinch of salt
  • Honey Maid graham crackers
  • caffeinated chocolate bar
  • one Dove chocolate
  • cinnamon
  • 3 or 4 marshmallows


  1. put a graham cracker on a plate
  2. put a pinch of salt on it and a bit of cinnamon
  3. cut marshmallows in half and place on cracker
  4. cut down chocolate pieces (both coffee & regular) and spread on cracker
  5. microwave for a minute (check every twenty seconds for consistency)
  6. when done, carefully take out and with a knife, blend the chocolate and marshmallows together
  7. wait to cool a bit if too hot
  8. enjoy!

It’s practically SMORE’S PIZZA so you are very welcome! I enjoyed this a little too much and while you don’t necessarily need the caffeinated chocolate, I highly recommend for the extra kick! The kind I used was dark chocolate espresso and really made the smores have more of a mocha flavor!

If you try this, let me know in the comments or Twitter (@sarahfhamilton)! Hopefully, this will help your sweet tooth the way it did for me. I’m actually quite certain that I am perfectly content with my sugar intake right now so all is well! (Probably, too well, but I digress!)

Happy Smores-Making!me


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