TheYUMBook: Oolong Tea Obsession


Hey guys!

So I think by now if you have been following my blog for a while, you may know that I really like different drinks. Lately I have found the love and joy of Chinese Oolong Tea! This light blend of tea is soft, herbal, and delicious. It also apparently has this magical healing power too because It appears to be keeping me safe from coming down with those nasty winter colds I felt coming on! Chinese Oolong tea is also commonly served at Chinese restaurants, and it’s so wonderful. Here’s a little video I put together for you peeps about making this amazing oolong tea!

I made this little video with the iphone app, Directr. Yum! I hope you guys like this tea! Feel free to also check out other delicious drinks and recipes by searching “TheYUMBook” in this blogs search!

As usual…”Do you like tea? How do you like your tea served?Let me know in those comments below!

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Tea on my friends,


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