theYUMbook: Simple D.I.Y. Chai Latte!


Hey there!

Lately I have been intrigued by different kinds of warm beverages, which is actually quite ironic since it’s hot and summer. Anywho, hot drinks are still really good at night even when it’s in the middle of summer, so today I thought I would share with you a little recipe I created.

So what is chai? I keep hearing about it in coffee shops and stuff, but until I sampled one at a local tea store, I didn’t even know how wonderful it is! Basically, it’s tea with spices. I love it. After some research online of what it contains, I made my own little chai latte.

For this delicious drink, you will need…

– black tea
– milk
– cinnamon
– a mug
– hot (not boiling) water

This is very basic, so feel free to add other seasonings and spices that can be added!


1. warm the water until it’s hot, not boiling
2. pour half water into the mug, and add the tea bag
3. soak tea until dark color
4. add some water until the mug is almost full, but not quite
5. sprinkle in cinnamon
6. stir
7. sample, and add more of whatever is needed 🙂
8. enjoy!

That is my chai latte DIY. Of course, you can purchase chai tea at stores as well.

What is your favorite hot drink?Let me know inn the comments below!

Brew on!


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