things you should know before college | back to school series

College is an incredible exciting time! Whether you are a first-timer rookie or seasoned student, here are some great tips for preparing yourself for the upcoming semester!

Pack Smart

A little bit of everything truly goes a long way.

Free Stuff

Prepare for free stuff that you will collect as time goes on. The amount of tee shirts you will get within the first week will last you!


Your books can get really pricy so shop around and be smart! For an entire post I wrote about the subject, click here!

Water Kettle

Invest in a water kettle for coffee, tea, soup, oatmeal, and infinite amazing D.I.Y. goods you can make in your room (saving your precious money).


Yes, you want a microwave and mini fridge. Just make sure you follow the rules and codes of the school and housing so that you do not get charged for having these in your room!

One Notebook

Having one five subject notebook should help for all of your classes per semester. Keep things simple and write all of your notes in this one notebook.


Learn about your college town for fun weekend exploration!

Self Care

Sleep is important, coffee is pricy and addicting. Care for yourself!


Go with the flow of life! Enjoy every moment you can because time truly flies by! Meet new people, do fun things, and enjoy it all! (Take many photos to document it all too!)

If you want to see my years of college vlogs, check out my LIVIN’ CA series at! Tweet or comment any questions/thoughts @sarahfhamilton.

Best of luck!

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