This OR That? (2nd Time!)

this or that

Hey Stylists!

Earlier this year, I put on a fun post called This OR That? where you guys could find out your style type. Today, I thought I would bring back that post but change it around a bit. This time, I will compare two things and let you know which one I prefer. You guys can comment below with your answers! This is also a great game to quiz your friends!

  1. French Fries or Onion Rings? French Fries
  2. Hot Dog or Hamburger? Hamburger
  3. Lipstick or Lip Gloss? Lip Stick…maybe 😉
  4. Summer or Winter? Summer
  5. Spring or Fall? Fall
  6. Ocean or Pool? Pool
  7. Morning or Night? Morning (although I do love to sleep in!)
  8. Twitter or Facebook? Twitter
  9. Sports or Art? ART!
  10. Photos or Videos? I have to say both on this one. How can I choose?

What other This or That’s can you think of? Did your answers match to mine? Leave some awesome comments below!

Sarah <3

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