thoughts college students have when home | back to school series

Because college and home can be two completely different worlds.

I missed all of this. 

My family and friends are awesome. 

Golly, my bed is cozy. 

Might as well sleep as much as I can. 

…but a midnight or two am snack is totally necessary!

What do you mean 10:30pm is “late”?

Let’s go to Target. 

Is this new or am I going crazy?

I forgot this existed.

Why does it feel like everything changed but it’s all the same?

Did this past semester even happen or was it a dream?


Time to catch up on youtube/netflix/sleep/etc.

How do I dress for the weather here again?

Does this even fit anymore?

Wow. Showers feel so different without flipflops.

What do I do with all of this free time!?!?

I’ll be packing this up all soon anyway so I might as well just keep it as is.

It’s nice being home.

I don’t want to go back!/I cannot wait to go back!

Relatable, college folk? Time on break always seems to fly by! Feel free to comment/tweet other lovely thoughts @sarahfhamilton.

Happy Summer!


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