How To Survive Sickness


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It’s fall time and school has already been in session long enough now that we’re all getting each other sick again. Oh, fun. This past week, I have been fighting a cold, and since i’m doing a pretty good job at not getting sick, I thought I would share with you guys some tips and tricks to staying healthy. Let’s get started!

1. Drink Tea – This one is probably one of my top ideas for advice, basically because it works in a natural and yummy way! Black tea and honey with a touch of cinnamon helps with nasal decongestion and sore throats, and I have even gotten into the more herbal and lemony teas. I find that when I’m not feeling all that well I just love adding flavor rather than just having boring water.
2. Sanitize – Wash your hands! Use hand sanitizer! Don’t touch your face! All key ways to keep your potential sickness from getting worse.
3. Medications – Take some cough drops and special cold medications to help get better.
4. Get some rest – Go to sleep earlier, take a nap…do whatever it takes to keep it easy! Even if you’re feeling fine, sometimes pushing yourself makes it even more difficult to get better. Rest now, do later!
5. Be Comfy – Even if you still have to go to school or work, make the most out of it! Dress comfortably, but still feel free to dress up a bit! Sometimes, if you feel like you look good, you just might start to feel good as well!
6. Spice it up – Add flavor to the pallete! Especially if you are congested, it helps to eat more spicier foods. Makes eating more enjoyable.
7. Do what makes you feel good – Sometimes, just doing something simple and fun or taking a long hot bath or something can help you feel better. Find ways to enjoy being sick, and it’ll go by a lot quicker!
8. Believe – Believe that you will get better, and you will. One day at a time, my friends! Keep drinking liquids too!

So I hope this helped you if you are feeling under the weather or even sick. Getting a cold is NO FUN sometimes, but if you catch it in advance and just make the most out of it, you’ll be alright in no time!

Stay Healthy!


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