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So, all the way throughout middle and high school, I had always been known to have the “coolest” locker. (I blame the influence of a certain HSM franchise, but that’s just me) Anyway, even if I personally no longer own a locker, I do have plenty of pictures of my old locker designs so that if you need some fun inspiration, it’s all right here. Who doesn’t want to have the coolest locker around, right?

Oh, and if you take pictures of your own locker designs and tweet, facebook, or in some other way send them to me, I will even feature them here! How cool is that!?!?

Style On!

Past Locker Designs…

photo (5) Brighten up your space with a funky chandelier! These are so cute and so helpful!



I got into the habit of getting little car fresheners to help with locker scent being nice. Oh, and it’s like having a little candle to-go! Plus, they hang nicely on middle hooks if you have them and literally last all year, even if they claim otherwise!




“YES, THIS IS MY LOCKER!” When they all look the same, spice up the outside! Cute stickers are always the way to go here!

 IMG_0595 IMG_0596 IMG_0599

First Year College Dorm Tour:

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