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As you may or may not know, I have been travelling quite a bit lately and I am sure that I will be since I am attending college out of state next year! With each trip, I have collected some tips and tricks to make travelling a less-stressful and more simpler and fun process! So without furthur ado, here are my top pieces of advice for your next trip!

I am a horrible packer! I have a tendancy to overthink everything and end up bringing way more than I actually need! However, I have found that if you try to pre-plan each travelling day/night outfit in advance, it helps a ton! Also, feel free to add some extra things in there to help you feel like there is options. I always bring a sweatshirt, pair of leggings, flipflops, and a go-to shirt in addition to anything else I plan on bringing.

Whether you are packing or in a car/plane/etc, it helps to have a playlist of music for your trip! Also, those songs may remind you of your trip in the future so definitely get some music to-go!

When taking a plane, you CAN get away with not checking bags IF you only bring a backpack and a small carry-on sized suitcase. You save some money that way and still have enough space to bring what you need! However, if they do check your bag anyway, usually if it’s due to a small amount of plane space, they check it for free. Either way, this makes for easier travelling!

Bring a notebook, writing utensils, a book, etc. Even though you can sleep when travelling gets boring, sometimes, you don’t really want to. Stay awake and find entertainment beyond the comfort of wi-fi!

Snacks & Gum!
If you are on a plane and your ears start popping, gum helps! Plus, having some snacks on hand is always a great idea when you are anywhere that may or may not include food.

Bring a water bottle. If going on a plane, have it empty and then fill it up after security. This will save you money from  not buying over-priced water and keep you hydrated.

Take Pictures But Live in the Moment!
Take video and pictures all you want but remember to also enjoy the time there rather than just spending all of your time trying to capture everything.

The whole idea of a vacation or trip is to be somewhere else and in a different moment than the norm. Enjoy those moments and let stress stay behind. Pack well, travel well, and all will be well.

“What is your best travel secrets?” Let me know in the comments below or tweet them to me @LockerStyler!

Safe Travels!


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