Tumblr-Insipred D.I.Y.’s!

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Recently, I have been super into D.I.Y. projects, being productive, and watching far too many YouTube videos. Thus, I give you a post with some fun Tumblr-inspired DIY projects that I came up with to share with you today! I think that these are fun things to make and do when you have the means. Plus, they are super filter-ready for when you snap those pics of the finished product and share it to friends and followers!

Internet Chick Nerd Glasses

Take an old pair of movie theater 3D glasses and pop out the inner lenses. It’s super easy. Then, take a sharpie, paint, or even black nail polish to make the sides logo-less and look more authentic. Use for a silly photoshoot wih friends or just find a fun place to put them as decoration! Oh, and pair it up with some coffee and your phone and voila! Sooooo tumblr-esque.

Personal Designer Sunnies

You can take an old pair of sunglasses, or even a cheap pair that you may find, and decorate the outside. Nail polish tends to work really well, but you may wish to make a few layers to make sure that it stays. This way, you can have one of a kind sunnies that look super cute and original anywhere you go!

Clothes Pinned Memory Board

Especially for summer, I think it’s super fun to keep some photos of the memories you make and print them out to look at. If you have a polaroid camera, you can get a really vintaged look with this, but you can also print even your filtered photos from your phone, crop them, and hang them up! Take a board of some sort, decorate it as you please, find somewhere cool to put it, take little mini clothespins and string, and hang them up on the board! Use the clothespins to hold the photos. So cute and so fun!

Twinkling Lights

This is one you’re going to especially love at night! Take some white christmas lights and hang them up around your room, on your headboard, or anywhere you wish! When plugged in, they give a beautiful scenery to any room which is super cute and so cool to spice up your room with!

Flower Power

Fake flowers are the best flowers because, simply put, they never die. They are the beauty that lasts forever! That’s why, by getting some fake flowers from a craft’s shop or somewhere that sells fake flowers, you can arrange them wherever you want! They can also come into play when taking aesthetic pictures to post online, so that’s always an awesome plus too! OH, and if you make a little flowercrown out of them, instantly, your DIY becomes very “Coachella”!

So I hope that you liked this post! “What DIY project are you going to make?” Let me know in the comments below o tweet me @LockerStyler!

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