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Hey guys!

Okay, so MAJOR update here for those of you who want to know…

I have recently been casted in a play production, which is SO AWESOME but due to rehearsal times and such, the amount of posts between now and the end of the show may be limited. I will try to update every week AND put on the posts for monthly music playlists, but if you ever notice a loss of post, I’m probably just busy and couldn’t get to it. In the mean time though, I would love to hear ideas for posts, so tweet me those and let me know what you guys want to see here!

Here’s just a little ramble about life. I mean, I could easily write everything all at once, but this post isn’t about that. I want you to realize that life does get busy. Sometimes there’s something going on that all your life you knew you were going to go through, but now it’s just so surreal. I get that. Today I want to give you some friendly advice. Life does get crazy sometimes, but push though, relax, and make the most out of it. As of right now, I have been mentally going through a lot of stuff but just because I feel crammed with ideas and things to do, I just keep going and get those things done to the best that I can.

That’s my advice to you. I hope it helps.

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