When Life Gives You Lemons…

 It happens.


Things happen and you have to choose between apples and oranges.

Turns out, this post is more than just may cheesy way of using fruit to describe an in-depth look at my life, as hopefully, you will take something away from it as well. However, I finally hit this point in my life where I am given far too many opportunities and I am trying to balance everything, which brings me to this post.

Last week, the overwhelmingness of college, life, work, and literally everything else that I do crashed down on me and I got sick. Since moving to LA for college, there has just been so much to do on a daily basis that I literally feel terrible if I choose not to do something…but that’s just the thing. Too much of a good thing can in fact turn into a bad thing. Being sick SUCKED. I had to miss out on several cool opportunities because of my health, and even with the sickness, I still felt obligated to go do those fun things. Thankfully, I got better, but that doesn’t change the fact that I had learned that health is important and balancing life is key.

That’s when today comes in.

I am currently sitting outside of the film and television building waiting to go see Amy Adams. I can’t even believe that this is a real statement. However, to be here, I spent a lot of time talking to a couple of professors for the two classes I am actually missing to be here. Classes and grades are important, but my life hit this moment where I had to decide between attending those classes today or skipping them for the sake of a cool and rare opportunity. Thankfully, there weren’t any tests or quizzes and as it goes for homework assignments, I should be good. But nonetheless, as I sit here in total thankfulness for the nice ocean breeze from only a few miles away, I have determined that this whole thing has been a learning experience in itself.

Life hands us lemons, and our decisions may not even sound logical at first, but we all need to take a time to determine what is best for ourselves and choose accordingly.

I am glad that I made the decision that I did to be here and I know that I will be okay with classes. While I am not exactly saying that it’s okay to skip classes to attend cool things, I am saying that sometimes, it’s worth better determining what you think is best and just going off of that.

Have a wonderful and lovely day.


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