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If you check back every week for posts, thank you – I mean, really – THANK YOU. I have seriously been trying to blog more often but I have this thing I like to call explosive brain where once a lot happens and my mind gets overwhelmed, I literally try to do everything at once, but nothing actually gets done. It is December, which means the end of the semester, finals, going home, and the holidays! Besides the given, however, I have been swarmed with so many incredible opportunities. While I would absolutely love to post about all of them here regularly, there simply isn’t the time to. Of course, that’s why for today’s post I am just going to give you a little glimpse into my life lately.

For starters, college is great. In fact, it’s far better than great.

Classes are going well, I am somehow managing to be on my own, and there have been so many incredible opportunities that I have barely been able to keep up with. One major difference in my life (oh, and there are many!) is that there is ALWAYS something to do and no matter what, I simply cannot do it all. From filming interviews with my friend at red carpet events and premieres to going to events at YouTube Space LA, being with friends, calling home often and still managing classes and school work, there is A LOT going on. But of course, I have to keep updated about it here, because guilt sets in after I miss posting weekly for you.

So, if you want to keep up with my amazing life, I post weekly (sometimes even multiple times in a week!) on my YouTube channel. The “LIVIN’ CA” web series follows a week by week look at what i’m doing, so you DEFINITELY want to watch those! There are several celebrities and YouTubers that show up too! 🙂 I also post a bunch of random videos as well and over winter break, I will add even more! *So yes, you do want to press that subscribe button…trust me!

But besides from all of those things you see there, I am also finalizing and working on my #SecretBookProject, which I still can’t say much about yet but…well…it’s surprising and DEFINITELY different from anything I have written before!

Long story short, my life is busy lately but I have not forgotten about this Locker Styler fam. I’ll still post, but if it’s not as often as usual, this explains why. Of course, I also love to hear from you, so if you leave comments or tweet me either at @LockerStyler or @sarahfhamilton, I will definitely get back to you!

Thank you for understanding and stay awesome!


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