“Wintercrest” Poem


Hello there!

Today, I’m sharing my love of writing with you in this post. Since it’s starting to be that winter weather, I recently wrote a winterish poem. There is something truly special about taking a moment to go outside in the silence of winter and see the snow fall. I took a moment to go out and do this, resulting in this poem. Poetry is a great way to express feelings, nature, scenic places, and tell stories.


A slight breeze.
Not a passing sound to be heard
Snowflakes fall from the heavens above
Softly and gently caressing the Earth.

Only a few autumn remains stay visable
Under the snow white blanket
The sky only a blank canvas of grey.
A frosted tree.

Red noses.
Only the cold keeps the visit from being eternal.
For a beauty such as this brings a smile.
A moment like no other.

For this is what births poetry.
This is where creative sparks lie.
That ignites the fire
To warm countless hearts.
Tis’ the season.

“Does poetry move/inspire you?”Let me know in the comments below!

Be merry, be bright!


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