Wow. I mean, really…WOW.

Time flies by in a blink of an eye and each year tends to go by quicker than the previous one. This morning I did a TON of packing (and worrying if my really heavy suitcases were too heavy) and I have finally hit a point of the semester where stress is leaving and I truly have time to sit back and reflect on everything. With this increasing wonder of what I can and should be doing, I am here, taking a moment to write about this incredible freshman year of college.

May first marked a year after decision day, where I had to commit to a life beyond high school. It was incredibly scary and I honestly only hoped that I was making the right decision (even though, something in my gut was telling me that I was, even back then!). June orientation came soon after, which just so happened to be right after Senior trip. I missed a few of my last days in high school to be in college for a bit, but it was such a fun and inspiring experience that actually made me really excited for college. After the shortest summer ever, the next thing I knew, the end of August I was packed up (packing kind of sucks) and on my way to LA with my family! We spent some time before school started getting everything together and spending time to enjoy California on a end-of-summer vacation. Then, the moment I was dreading for my entire pre-college life happened…

I had to walk away from my family, knowing that I wouldn’t see them until December and start my life on the other side of the country, away from everything I knew and loved.

…Yes, it really was that dramatic…

That was the hardest moment of my life, but a lot of the struggle was the built up emotions from fearing that moment for so long. Funny enough, the second I got to the bathroom afterwards right before joining the group I was in, I realized that I was actually completely okay. The rest after that is history!

From making incredibly amazing friends to exploring LA, having dreams I never thought even possible come true, learning how to be by myself for a while, meeting so many really amazing people, enjoying and learning from interesting and engaging classes, and so much more, this year had truly been absolutely incredible.

The funny thing is, I know how quick these next few years will fly by and yeah, that scares me since I get too attached to the present when I am not being too attached to the past. But you know what? When life is this awesome, why be sad when it flies by? I cannot even begin to describe just how happy I am with this past year and a year ago today, I had no clue that I would ever be this happy about life. That’s saying a lot, since, I have always been an incredibly happy-go-lucky person!

freshman year of college went by in a blink but wow, it has been truly magical ??

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So, love life and live it to the fullest. Make moments happen and enjoy things for how they are. Take advantage of days off in a fun city but remember to enjoy relaxing when you can. My freshman year of college was better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you to all of you who made this year so outrageously special!

Oh, and if you have not done so already, you can watch my entire first year of adventures in LA with my web series, “Livin’ CA!”

Happy Summer!


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