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The Internet has begun its wrath of back to school videos, blog posts, and social media madness (not to mention the stores too!) and we are just starting that time yet again. Nonetheless, there are some school supplies that you just don’t usually see and I’m here to help you out with all that fun stuff! Keep on reading to make sure that you truly do have everything for school!

Portable Phone Charger

This is a lifesaver for those of you who keep your phone with you and use it throughout the school day! Making sure that you always have a charged phone will leave you no longer worrying about finding some other classmate and a wall outlet for your charging needs.

Food & Gum

The day can be long when waiting for lunch break, but having some kind of snack supply with you can be life changing! Plus, not only does keeping a pack or two of gum help you out for when it seems like your whole class is asking for a piece, but it can also help stimulate your brain! I find that minty gum is always the way to go!


I remember having moments at school where a class would end up working in a computer lab or the library and using the school’s headphones. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I found that it’s helpful to just have your own to use. Also, listening to music during any down time you happen to have throughout the day is super relaxing!


Okay, so you probably hear this one often, but it’s still super important to stay organized! From events to homework, tests, extracurricular activities, etcetera, it is so very beneficial to have everything written down in one place! I also recommend having one folder or small binder as your “carry-all” so that everything you have to carry from class to home is all in one place. (including extra paper!)

Extra Shoes

Maybe I was overdoing it, but having a pair of sneakers, flats, and flip flops in my locker all year round was one of the most helpful things I did each year. That way, I always had back-up shoes for any occasion! Let’s be real here; shoes can break, get muddy, be uncomfortable, or need to be changed for any reason. This way, none of those problems become too much of a day-long hassle!

Water Bottle

Stay hydrated! It will keep you alert and also minimize hunger. Also, your skin will clear up and you will feel great! Water is a win-win scenario!

I hope that this will help you out! I also want to hear all about what your BTS go-to’s are, so feel free to let me know in the comments below, Facebook, or Twitter (@LockerStyler).

Best of Luck!


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