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Happy Fall Time!

I LOVE autumn. The vibrant colors, the sweater paws, the crisp air, the homemade apple pies, the candles, the weather, Halloween, the leaves…it’s the prettiest season of them all, in my opinion! So as it gets colder out, I love to bake and have hot drinks. You can still see my hot apple cider, hot chocolate with cinnamon, mocha, chai, and oolong tea recipes on this site by searching through the “TheYUMBook” tag. Anywho, I also love cute mugs and fun little things to bake in the fall, so today’s post is all about fun treats you can make IN A MUG! Not only is this a yummy way to serve up something in the colder seasons, but it makes for easy baking and an adorable gift idea!

Here are a couple yummy & easy mug recipes!

1. take a decent sized mug
2. add 2tbsp of melted butter
3. add 2tbsp h20
4. add 1/4tsp vanilla
5. hint of salt & stir
6. add 2 tbsp cocoa powder & mix in
7. add 4 tbsp sugar
8. add 4 tbsp flour & stir
9. about 80 seconds in the microwave…
10. enjoy!

1. chop apple and put at bottom of mug
2. in separate bowl…
add egg
add 1tbsp flour
add 1tbsp maple syrup
add 1tsp apple pie spice
add 1tsp cinnamon
add 1/2 tsp baking powder
3. mix and pour into mug
4. microwave for 2 minutes on high
5. add a dollop of whipped cream on top
6. enjoy!

As I also brought up before, you can even purchase a cute mug and place the ingredients into a bag and into the mug as a gift to somebody else!

What fun recipes would you like in a mug?Let me know in the comments below!

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