Tis’ the season again to reflect on the past year, which has left me overwhelmed and amazed in the best of ways!

Another amazing year has past, and if you ask me, it flew by in a blink of an eye! I highly reccomend that everyone should reflect on their past year. I did for the sake of this post and I realized that so many amazing things had happened. I additionally want to personally thank those in my life whom made this past year so very uniquely special! Here is a little outline of my past year:


Flying back early from spending the holidays with my family in New York, I made it back to sunny LA to start my spring semester of my second year at LMU! After watching (and obsessing over) LA LA LAND, I went to Griffith Observatory! Also, I attended the People’s Choice Awards, visited Disneyland for the first time and had some VERY exciting life/career moments I can’t talk about here!


This was the month in which I had my first major audition for a network game show, saw LA LA LAND again with LMU|SFTV at the IMAX offices, performed in several shorts and an improv show, & had a photoshoot feature with Local Wolves magazine!


Living that LA life, I went on a press Warner Brothers Studio tour (featuring sets from La La Land, The Ellen Show, and Pretty Little Liars), visited the Radio Disney station and Disney/Freeform office building, went back to New York for “spring” break, acted and worked on thesis film sets, had my first official movie audition, & finalized the Local Wolves magazine questions for the feature.


School continued to be amazing as usual, especially since I directed a LMU|SFTV class tv episode! That month, I had also went to Downtown Disney and attended the Cystic Fibrosis concert event, had an interview feature for the Women of Upstate New York magazine, worked preview day and gave tours as an LMU campus tour guide, went to the Getty Villa in Malibu on Easter and attended The Outcasts movie premiere and after party.


Ending my second year of college (!!!), I moved into my first LA off-campus apartment. I attended the Once Upon a Time musical episode private screening event (and freaked out) at Disney Studios after an audition in Burbank and met the creators. In regards to summer plans, there was a LOT of chaos with emails, videos, and all that fun adulting stuff. However, I worked on a ton of YouTube videos and even attended an event at YouTube Space LA where I saw Tyler Oakley again.


Back home to New York for the remainder of the summer, I spent a ton of much appreciated time with my absolutely wonderful family! I got a job as a videographer for a local theater group and even attended the local Jazz Fest event since my brother was performing at it. Pretty Little Liars ended and Uber -A was finally revealed… and speaking of revealing, some really exciting information really brought my hopes up to dangerous levels…


I turned 20! With more fun summer adventures, July went really well and I thoroughly enjoyed summer back home. During some weekends, my family and I took some trips around New York state, which you can watch on my YouTube channel since I literally posted twice a week the entire summer! Since I greatly love fall but miss the full aesthetic of the season when i’m spending those months in LA, we had a autumn in July day, complete with apple markets, spiced hot apple cider, and spoopy movies!


The tree in our backyard had seen its day and it was time to take it down. This was a tragic end of Treebert, but it was for the best. On a much more exciting note, I got the opportunity to go to Jamestown, New York and visit the I Love Lucy museum focused on Lucy’s life and career during a Comedy festival and then later that month, New York City with my family and be a part of the upcoming High Strung Free Dance movie! That was an absolute dream come true! After the trip, we came back for a day and then hopped on a plane back to LA as we explored, went to a YouTube Space VR night event, and even biked my new lil’ Lulu around the mall! Then, I started up my third/junior year at LMU!


I went to the Creative Arts Emmy’s (watch carefully and you may see me hopping around since I was a seatfiller!), finalized (finally!) my first draft of the second Royalty Status trilogy novel, and started an additional new job on campus as an Entertainment Writer/Producer for ROAR Studios & spent a work day at the beach brainstorming and making friends!


A month of filming, I collabed with Adrienne Finch for a Halloween Pranks video on her channel and horror short film, Disconnected, on mine! I also had filmed a Riverdale spoof and had a little Riverdale-inspired photoshoot at a diner, which got relatively viral on Twitter and my Cheryl Blossom look got the attention of Archie Comics, Riverdale, & the CW! I also acted in a graduate film, which provided my first all nighter with one of my favorite performances in a scary murder scene! I also got invited and filmed interviews at the Jackson Mansion for the Halloween Costume for a Cause party. I also had filmed two versions of a scene from The Great Gatsby for the directing class.


You may have caught me in Bart Baker’s music video parody of Gucci Gang, filmed at YouTube Space LA. Plus, I acted in another graduate film, this time putting me on pointe for the first time ever and seeming relatively legit, despite pointe being way less graceful in person than ballerinas make it seem! I flew back to New York for Thanksgiving and celebrating my Dad’s birthday, plus, my brother, Adam performed in his final Fall Play in high school. I had all of the feels and it was an honor spending some time backstage and passing that final pre-show-traditional-squeeze to him. I also filmed two versions of a scene from La La Land for the directing class and The Final for ancient comedy class.


I went ice skating outdoors in Santa Monica (a literal block away from the ocean!), acted in yet another scene, went to the annual LMU Christmas Tree Lighting event, went to the ROAR brunch and celebrated the pre-production work done this semester for an upcoming series, and acted in my roomie’s theater directing class scene. I also filmed interviews at Teala Dunn’s 21st birthday party and met many amazing YouTubers, including Shane Dawson, which was really cool since I have been watching his videos from conspiracies all the way back to Shaynaynay days. I photographed and filmed some behind the scenes for Adrienne’s set and flew back to New York for the holidays! Now back, I have been spending the time with my family, baking, being festive, and even attending the ArtFam reunion and Improv show back at the high school.

A lot happened and to go into detail in any which way is very overwhelming. Videos and photos are everywhere and my life is scattered online, throughout my phone and computer, journals, and even my mind. As the years progress, it does become increasingly difficult to put together such years in review but with all of that in mind, I hope that you enjoyed this little look into my life. Feel free to find out even more about what I did this past year through YouTube, social media, and asking me too. (@sarahfhamilton)

I hope you had a wonderful year as well! Keep the conversation going on Twitter or in the comments below about major things that happened to you this past year.

Happy New Years Eve, New Years Day, and the New Year of 2018 ahead!


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