a very short story

photo: Goldfish in Bowl, 1937 – Herbert List


     The fish swam, reminding me of my own place. Perhaps we are all trapped. The familiarity of the immediate surroundings disguises how our dreams are blocked by walls. If only the wall could break, we could be let loose with infinite freedoms. I stared at the fish I had placed for a photograph and immediately picked up the bowl, ready to pour it into the sea. However, this fish could never thrive in such open territory, as it was not raised for such a life. Taking the bowl, I walked home. In time, will we all find a larger bowl.

Since it is a new year, I wish to contribute more to this website/blog/thingie because it has been such a collective of my life since starting high school. To share more and to write more creatively is always a goal of mine. So, here is a very short story I put together for a class I am taking this semester.

The concept of the assignment was to spend a few hours at the library in the photo book section and find a photo that stood out and reflected a theme from a list. I had a great time spending countless hours exploring the photo books and relaxing with an almond milk flat white (ah, yes…life of a caffeinated film student!) and simply taking in as many photographs as I could. I found this one and it spoke to me.

However, this all took place last week. For those of you who don’t know, I hit a wall last week. I flew back from a month in New York for winter break and instantly got overwhelmed (per usual) at the chaotic world of L.A. This semester is especially a big deal because I’m working on several productions, figuring out summer plans and all the side details of that, trying to finalize editing my third novel, and really kicking into full gear (or at least, elevated) for YouTube and acting. My main junior thesis short film is taking place this semester and last week, several things fell through with how I liked my original script ideas. So, I felt as if I was entering this semester not only overwhelmed, but far behind. This subjected me into a spiral of chaos and self-questioning.

Thankfully, I took a greatly needed escape trip for Sunday to the Getty Center and put the beauty of this crazy life here into better perspective. I got a look book together for the film, and now I am treading water, so to speak.

Point of the matter is, I wrote the short story at the top of this post for a project where I took the photo I found and wrote in less than one hundred words (it’s exactly one hundred words, by the way) a full story that fit the photo. Feeling trapped within a body that simply cannot do it all but having dreams far beyond (A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman soundtrack is on loop lately) makes life difficult sometimes. Addressing that truth makes life somewhat frustrating. So, I wrote a cool story to fit that theme and it went over pretty well in class today.

I hope you enjoyed this. Definitely reach out and talk to me either in person if you know me or online @sarahfhamilton.

Best Wishes,

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