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As you probably already know, I film and edit interviews with Eva (OnTheSpotInterviews) for various events. She had been a part of the “High Strung” movie process for a while now and since the movie is set to release in theaters April 8th, she invited me to go to several really great events for the movie to not only film interviews, but also be a part of something extremely wonderful.

Last week, we went to Rodeo Drive for a private press screening of the movie. It was playing exclusively in a small viewing theater. I had not seen more than the trailer or knew anything about the movie prior to watching it, so everything was set on fresh impressions while watching. As it turns out, I became instantly obsessed with the movie and literally everything about it.

The movie is about a girl on her first year at a prestigious ballet school in Manhatten as she meets a guy who’s struggling to find a way to pay rent and get a green card to stay in the country. They team up after learning about a strings and dance competition, however, there are plenty of bumps and struggles along the way. Throughout the entirety of the movie, there is a ton of epic dance numbers, delightful music, intense scenes, a touch of romance, and a beautiful blend of dance and music.

The other night, the movie premiered at the TCL Chinese Theaters in Hollywood, California. The excitement was SO real! We took an Uber there and talked with a very friendly driver and then arrived early. Right in front of the theater was a bunch of tourists, a Spiderman, and the High Strung tour bus. Eva got a call, and the next thing we knew, we got to go ON the bus (which they gave us pins for!). The bus itself is very lavish and really neat. We filmed an interview with Chris Burkich (who sings the song “Weightless” in the movie…I’m literally obsessed with this song!) on the bus and got to meet a bunch of really neat people there. Around five, we left the bus and went upstairs of the theater to where the event was beginning to take place. Of course, just being invited to a major movie premiere at the famous Chinese theater was incredible in itself, but walking into that event took the word “incredible” to a whole new level.

The main gathering area of the theater on that floor was completely reserved for the event and only invited guests were able to attend. They had several giant posters set up, a long red carpet, and an entire stage set up for the after party concert with the soundtrack’s performers. We were trying to figure out what we were doing and one thing led to another and we were kindly escorted to the VIP lounge. It was smaller than I would have expected, but a really neat place where we did film a couple more interviews. After being there for a while and meeting more people, we decided that the best place for interviews would be by the carpet, so it was only a matter of time before we eventually got a really great spot at the end of the crowded red carpet to film interviews.

From that point forward, people were walking the carpet in waves. I really enjoyed meeting more of the cast, crew, and everyone involved with the movie and/or the dance world. It was so fun getting those interviews and spending that time in the beautiful chaos of a busy red carpet. My tripod was set up at the end of the carpet and I was right next to actress and interviewer, Carla Renata, (which I did recognize her from Shake It Up!) so that was pretty cool too! We got interviews, which you can see over on Eva’s channel very soon!

After the chaotic carpet, the movie was about to begin, so everyone was shuffled into the theater closest to the carpet. We got some popcorn and met up with Asia Monet Ray (Dance Moms, Raising Asia, etc.). The seats were already mostly filled so we ended up sitting on the end of the VERY front row. Needless to say, the movie is absolutely INCREDIBLE from any seat! But, let me just explain that the BEST way to watch a movie is with the cast and crew. There is always a speech of thanks at the start, and then a shout out for the Dizzy Feet foundation before the movie. When the movie started, chills were sent down my spine. There is something really incredible about being a part of a movie premiere that is truly unexplainable, but unlike any other feeling and I love it. As the movie continued, we all clapped, cheered, and responded happily when new characters popped on the screen, especially during the director’s brief cameo. One really great moment in particular was when in the movie, there’s a moment of silence from the on-screen audience, but the entire actual theater filled it with their own cheering. Again, watching movies with the cast, crew, and friends is unlike any other movie experience ever and VERY magical.

As the credits began to roll, Eva and I quickly left the theater and went back to the empty carpet to film after-movie reactions from people. We got a few, and then the carpet started to fill up with people who wanted their pictures taken, so of course, I totally helped with that as well! A little while later, the after party concert began. Eva and I made it a point to go and watch and yes…the performance for “Weightless” was incredible! You can watch the after party (was a live stream) here: 

The performances were amazing and afterwards, the cameras were turned off and the party continued with a DJ, free drinks, o’dourves, and all that fun stuff! We got more pictures and got to talk to a bunch of really cool people including Moises Parra (SYTYCD Season 12). I also met Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms and got a ton of footage and photos from the party! There was so much going on and the music was loud and the night was late but I loved every second of it. I was in this cloud of WHAT IS LIFE!?!? I AM AT AN AFTER PARTY IN HOLLYWOOD FOR A MOVIE PREMIERE but don’t worry…I kept my cool at least on the outside!




The party wrapped around 11:30pm so we left around then via Uber. The bus was still outside of the theater, but other than the one stormtrooper, Hollywood was empty. It was eerie being there without the crowds of tourists and people dressed up in costume but oddly beautiful. Yes…after hours, Hollywood goes pretty silent. Traffic does too! It did not take us long at all to get back and then I called it a night, while having the movie’s theme song stuck in my head as I happily went to sleep.

To see more photos from the event, check out my twitter @sarahfhamilton. To see me in an interview fan-girling (just a tad!), you can see that here. To see more interviews, you should go here, and to see a fun little video about the event, make sure that you are subscribed to my YouTube channel!

I had such an incredible time being a part of this great event! Make sure that you see “High Strung”!


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