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It’s Back to School season but this year is my first BTS where instead of going to high school, I am going to college! (By the time that you’re reading this, I’m already there!!!!) It’s a really exciting and overwelmingly-every-emotion-under-the-sun time of my life but I am really happy to share my adventures and experiences here with you.

So, today’s post features which books I am bringing with me to college. I love my bookshelf in my room and all of the wonderful stories it holds, but alas, I cannot take every single one of them with me. (gasp!) I have to make the decisions of which ones stay and which ones go. Now, I have no clue how much room exactly I will have in the dorm for books, so that alone minimizes my options here, but there’s no way I can’t bring some along! Here’s the ones that are traveling with me. (other than just the school’s standards book!) Oh, and of course, due to packing and travel, I have to keep this list way shorter than I would like, but there’s this incredible library on campus that’s totally got me covered! šŸ™‚

“Carpe College!” by Mike Metzler

This book I got while selling copies of my own book at a recent book festival, but after reading it, it was clearly a go-to book for college! It’s all about the process and gave some great inside looks at college life. I learned quite a bit from it and it will definitely provide some help if in case I need to reference it again!

“Southland” by Nina Revoyr

As mentioned in previous posts, the school I am attending recommended this book and I will get the chance to hear the author speak as she visits campus in the fall.

“The Enchantress (a Royalty Status novel)” by Sarah Hamilton

OKAY I KNOW – SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION!!! But really though, I am bringing a copy of my own book so I can keep it with me and if other friends want to know more about it, I have a copy on hand.

“On the Road” by Jack Kerouac

I have been meaning to read this book since I got it from a friend a year ago and what better a time than while going on my own new adventure? I am super excited to read this story and I love bringing things from friends along with me.

“Hamlet” by William Shakespeare

Not only did I want to bring a book from my Senior year in high school, but I also wanted to bring a play along with me…oh, just acting things… (Plus, Hamlet is my favorite Shakespeare play!)

“Really Professional Internet Person” by Jenn McAllister

I flew into California early for shopping and got to meet my favorite YouTuber, Jennxpenn, at her first stop at the Grove in LA for her book tour! I got a signed copy with a “BAD NIGHT” bookmark and got to meet her. Yes, it was amazing and she is so nice! I am seriously looking forward to reading her book!

“The Secret to Teen Power” by Paul Harrington

This type of book, I can admit, I don’t really read often, but I read this book when I first got it several years ago and (from what I remember) it has a really cool outlook on life and embracing the teen years to the fullest. I thought that it was about time to have it with me to read again and it will be interesting reading it from a new-aged-me perspective.

Those are the books I plan to take with me to college. I’m thinking that during breaks, I can swap out books to keep the list updated. But with plane rides and everything, having quite a few books with me can never be a bad idea! You can always stay tuned to what I am currently reading on Goodreads too!

Oh, and I am also starting up a web series on YouTube to follow my adventures in California! If you would like to keep up with me and see what I am up to (other than when I am here blogging!) then feel free to subscribe to my channel!

Happy Reading!



*Again, this is not a sponsored post as all opinions are my own.

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