attending the first High Strung Free Dance screening!

There I was, one fateful Tuesday afternoon, as I stepped out of the Uber, thanking the driver as usual and taking a beat for a deep breath. There I was, in front of the RealD theater in Beverly Hills, California and about to step further into my strange and beautiful life as a storyteller in the entertainment biz.

As I am sure you may already know from past posts all over this site and my social media profiles (@sarahfhamilton), this past summer, I got the incredible dream opportunity to go on location in New York City, film some behind the scenes videos and make a cameo debut with my family in the upcoming feature film, High Strung Free Dance!

It was such an unbelievably great experience and I was not ready for that weekend to come to an end. Ever since, I have been busy with my own productions and school life as a film junior at LMU and excitingly waiting for the first screening.

That notice for the first screening happened at the end of one of the most stressful weeks of junior thesis short film pre-production and proved to be a delightful (and greatly needed) burst of inspiration.

The first private screening took place on February 6th in Beverly Hills. As exciting jitters settled in on the uber trip over, I realized two key things…

  1. As an actress, I was about to witness my first feature movie theater screen appearance… that has been quite the dream for as long as I can remember so to have that come to life was truly a dream come true!
  2. As a filmmaker, I was about to learn more about the filmmaking process on a professional scale, network, and be a part of the process!

What I did not realize was about to happen was that I was going to find great inspiration and a newfound confidence that turned my entire mindset right around in the best of ways.

Alright, but enough about me fangirling about my own amazing life lately… here is a non-spoiler first look at the movie!

lights down, picture up…

High Strung Free Dance follows the story of two dreamers, Barlow (portrayed by Juliet Doherty) a ballerina, and Charlie (portrayed by Harry Jarvis) a pianist, as they get the opportunity of a lifetime cast into the tour of Broadway’s, Free Dance! With stunning choreography numbers, a love triangle with Zander (portayed by Thomas Doherty), amazing music (composed by Nathan Lanier) and visuals that leave the audience in awe, this is a movie that truly brings art to life with a beautiful blend of dance, music, and pure emotion.

Right as the movie began and the first note was played, I was instanty in the world of the story. There is something truly incredible when the world around you fades away and all that seems to exist during a movie is the storyworld being shown. Such magic definitely took place while watching this movie! As the story continued, the characters came to life and brought such captivating realism to the emotions at play. The music, during both the performances and just running throughout, was easily felt to the soul. The compositional choices, production design, and visual storytelling elements with the cinematography brought the film to a whole another level. The performances were absolutely incredible and left everyone in the theater clapping in pure awe and joy. Every scene brings so much power, especially the finale… which I will restrain from saying anything about here, but all I will say is that it is truly breathtaking.

Yes, seeing myself and my family on the big screen brought additional tears to my eyes. Simply noting what I am calling the “elements of the other side” of filmmaking left me appreciating the film from the viewing point of view and the point of view that included better understanding the process. It was fascinating to see how amazingly scenes translated from the bits and pieces I knew of throughout.

During a press screening (the screening that started it all for me) for the first movie, High Strung, I remember getting this chill of pure happiness as I realized that the movie I was watching was going to premiere exactly a week from that day and I was going to be able to meet so many involved with the project. When that premiere took place at the TCL Chinese Theaters, I had this surreal moment of watching the movie alongside basically everyone involved with it. There is something truly incredible about that sort of theater experience that I simply cannot put in words. Such a moment happened again at this screening, but this time, I truly felt like I belonged. I am a part of this from both sides of the screen. It’s surreal and I still wonder how this is even humanly possible.

Surreal. Magical. Emotional.

Those three words just barely summarize the massive amounts of thoughts and emotions that I have been able to experience through this journey. I have learned so very much and I am so inspired by both what is on-screen and what I have been able to understand about the filmmaking process. Being a part of this continues to be so monumental for me. To make matters better, I had a great sense of clarity with who I am as a storyteller. I act, write, direct, and find a plethora of ways to bring stories to life and share emotions with others. I have gained a rush of motivation, creativity, and additional passion towards my current filmmaking adventures, especially as I prep for filming next weekend my junior thesis short film.

As this journey continues getting closer to the premiere and summer release, I will definitely keep updates here, as well as, on twitter/instagram/youtube. Definitely follow @HighStrungMovie, get excited for High Strung Free Dance this summer and watch High Strung (now available)!

Follow your dreams & create pure magic,

check out former High Strung posts here:

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see me at the EMMYs!

There’s this word…”normal”. LA took everything I thought I knew about what “normal” meant and flipped it like a pancake. Okay, weird metaphor over…the moral of the story is, life has been incredibly crazy in the best of ways and yet another major step into my new normalcy has happened.

I went to the Creative Arts Emmys on September 9th, 2017 (it filmed on a different day then it aired). There appeared to be only a few types of people there…

  • the nominees/announcers/famous and entertainment industry people
  • their friends and family
  • the amazing crew running the show
  • the seat fillers (a.k.a. yours truly)

As a seat filler for the Kids Choice Awards about two years ago, I knew the drill. Basically the job of a seat filler is to fill in the empty seats (pretty self-explanatory).The main celebs get up and move around during the show, but to make the camera happy, seats need to be filled. So we jump around from seat to seat and despite the fact that you may see a seat filler in various different spots during a program, most viewers won’t be paying enough attention to us to even notice.

So, I got tickets and got to be a seat filler for the Creative Arts Emmys at the Microsoft Theater at LA Live and it was one of the most amazing opportunities.

For starters, I should mention that if you watch the show, watch carefully and send screenshots my way because I make cameos from several different seats throughout the theater. For some time, I was behind the crew of Saturday Night Live. Then I briefly showed up second row right by James Cordon and Derek and Julianne Hough… just to name a few. I moved to the very front by the right steps for the ending so that was amazingly cool too. Plus, after a plethora of years worth of science classes… I can say now that I have seen Bill Nye in person and you bet I “considered the following”… WHAT IS LIFE!?!?!?

To summarize the experience, yes, I saw and sat next to and around so many amazingly cool (and pretty famous) people. At first, I felt as if being a seat filler wasn’t a legit enough excuse to be there. At first, I felt as if I didn’t truly belong there. After all, literally the night before I was spending a quality messy hair homework night on campus when everybody else seemed to be at parties or date nights (which is totally cool and all, but college is a series of varying moments). Which brings us to a moment at the Emmys where everything clicked…

I did belong there among all of those really cool famous people. I am a part of the entertainment industry and in the big picture of things, I happen to actually be a lot like them. We are all creators and storytellers and this is simply a moment of my life that continues to connect my former self who only dreamed of such random opportunities like this with a potential future where I too am a part of the whole system. Yes, I see these sorts of events as very casual moments of life because I see the practicalities behind how and why I get to do what I do. Regardless, just because I see the practicalities, it doesn’t make the umbrella of what I do any less real.


Umbrella: I went to the Emmys!!!!!

Reality: I signed up for free seat filler tickets to go to the Creative Arts Emmys, stood in various long waits, and miraculously ended up in several amazing seats where the camera did face on several occasions!

…Ultimately, both are true and this concept applies to most of everything that I do around this wonderful city. That being said, this was an incredible opportunity and I had the greatest time attending my first Emmys while being further introduced into this chaotically beautiful lifestyle.

If there could be one major thought that I would have to conclude this post on, it’s this: take into account the behind the scenes look at the media you consume. Every single day, it is so easy to take things for how they seem to be. Watching TV, seeing movies, looking at various media on the plethora of platforms that currently exist is such a common activity yet, there are so many people who spend their livelihoods making all of that so possible. So the next time you are watching something or simply scrolling through your phone, take a moment of appreciation for all of those who may or may not be on-screen who are making the content you are consuming possible.

Check out the Creative Arts EMMYS Saturday September 16th at 8pm ET/PT, 7pm CT on FXX!

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Up in the penthouse one lovely Friday afternoon, I got to attend the table read of City Girl, a screenplay written by Sarah Ramos when she was only twelve. Being someone who:

a.) absolutely LOVES fun, fancy LA events

b.) appreciates the power of childhood dreams/thoughts/ideas coming to life

completely enjoyed this event and thought that I would write a bit about it!

At the start of the event as the guests arrived, there were complementary homemade pop-tarts, cupcake, twinkies, and grapefruit champagne. The entire penthouse had the most adorable girly decor, and everyone there was dressed very trendy. I literally felt like I was in the Nasty Gal release party scene at the end of the Netflix series, Girlboss. Between mingling and just watching everything that was going on, I munched on a pop-tart or two and took fancy photos because the aesthetic was strong.

The event soon after began and a stellar cast for the reading joined the “stage”. Sarah Ramos, Brittany Snow, Rosario Dawson, Nick Thorburn, Thomas Mann, Vanessa Chester, Max Burkholder, Dylan Gelula, and Brendan Scannel were all there, bringing a script from Sarah’s twelve-year-old brain to life. It was a table read like no other with laughs, 90’s flashbacks, and a whole lots of inspiring vibes among everyone in the room.

Afterwards, there was a brief Q&A session about the inspiration for the series and the process of bringing it back to life.

This was such a fun event that I loved being a part of!

Watch CITY GIRL here:

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So I haven’t written here in a while due to the chaos of school and literally every incredible thing happening in my life right now, but I thought I would take a moment here to document a VERY cool event I attended recently!streamysportraits_rr_224

That’s right…I went to the Streamys Nominee Reception at YouTubeSpaceLA on October first with my friends, Eva and Joel. We got to go to film some interviews and Snapchats but ended up experiencing a YouTube event of a lifetime.

streamysportraits_rr_235 streamysportraits_rr_240

photos from:

There were a lot of photobooth options, including a flip book maker (GIFs IRL, amirite!?!?!?) which we definitely attended to. There was a DJ, music, and a headshot truck which of course, we had to stop by…


There was a wall of donuts, the award show being taped at the outdoor theater area, and a very chill atmosphere. While I have met quite a few of the YouTubers recognized at the end, I got the chance to meet and speak to some incredible YouTubers like Anthony Padilla, Joey Graceffa, Rafi Fine (FineBrothers), Alex Aiono, Phillip DeFranco, Jordan Doww…just to name a few. I also met Monique Coleman (Taylor from High School Musical!!!!!) and continued to question #WhatIsLife.

But here’s the thing about this amazing event; I may not neccessarily see myself on the same level of these incredible creators, but all of us there had so much in common. We all create content and share it with the world. While it may or may not matter how many followers and subscribers you may have, what does matter is how much passion one has for what they do. Just being at this event proved to me that I am exactly where I need to be. I’m a creator and this was an incredible moment in my life to really embrace that everything that happens in life truly happens for a reason.

So with that being said, a special thanks to Eva for inviting me, Joel for being a cool dude that I was very happy to become friends with that day, Motoki and Sam for joining us at the event and all of the YouTubers whom I talked to that night for being insipring and giving me the time to try not to fangirl and have an actual creator-to-creator conversation. Also, congrats to the winners both that night and the following Tuesday during the award show!

See more photos from events this year’s events on Twitter @sarahfhamilton and Facebook!

You can also see a TON of cool footage from this event in my LIVIN’ CA episode for that week!

Until next time!


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I am SO very excited to be finally posting about this!

As you probably already know, I film and edit interviews with Eva (OnTheSpotInterviews) for various events. She had been a part of the “High Strung” movie process for a while now and since the movie is set to release in theaters April 8th, she invited me to go to several really great events for the movie to not only film interviews, but also be a part of something extremely wonderful.

Last week, we went to Rodeo Drive for a private press screening of the movie. It was playing exclusively in a small viewing theater. I had not seen more than the trailer or knew anything about the movie prior to watching it, so everything was set on fresh impressions while watching. As it turns out, I became instantly obsessed with the movie and literally everything about it.

The movie is about a girl on her first year at a prestigious ballet school in Manhatten as she meets a guy who’s struggling to find a way to pay rent and get a green card to stay in the country. They team up after learning about a strings and dance competition, however, there are plenty of bumps and struggles along the way. Throughout the entirety of the movie, there is a ton of epic dance numbers, delightful music, intense scenes, a touch of romance, and a beautiful blend of dance and music.

The other night, the movie premiered at the TCL Chinese Theaters in Hollywood, California. The excitement was SO real! We took an Uber there and talked with a very friendly driver and then arrived early. Right in front of the theater was a bunch of tourists, a Spiderman, and the High Strung tour bus. Eva got a call, and the next thing we knew, we got to go ON the bus (which they gave us pins for!). The bus itself is very lavish and really neat. We filmed an interview with Chris Burkich (who sings the song “Weightless” in the movie…I’m literally obsessed with this song!) on the bus and got to meet a bunch of really neat people there. Around five, we left the bus and went upstairs of the theater to where the event was beginning to take place. Of course, just being invited to a major movie premiere at the famous Chinese theater was incredible in itself, but walking into that event took the word “incredible” to a whole new level.

The main gathering area of the theater on that floor was completely reserved for the event and only invited guests were able to attend. They had several giant posters set up, a long red carpet, and an entire stage set up for the after party concert with the soundtrack’s performers. We were trying to figure out what we were doing and one thing led to another and we were kindly escorted to the VIP lounge. It was smaller than I would have expected, but a really neat place where we did film a couple more interviews. After being there for a while and meeting more people, we decided that the best place for interviews would be by the carpet, so it was only a matter of time before we eventually got a really great spot at the end of the crowded red carpet to film interviews.

From that point forward, people were walking the carpet in waves. I really enjoyed meeting more of the cast, crew, and everyone involved with the movie and/or the dance world. It was so fun getting those interviews and spending that time in the beautiful chaos of a busy red carpet. My tripod was set up at the end of the carpet and I was right next to actress and interviewer, Carla Renata, (which I did recognize her from Shake It Up!) so that was pretty cool too! We got interviews, which you can see over on Eva’s channel very soon!

After the chaotic carpet, the movie was about to begin, so everyone was shuffled into the theater closest to the carpet. We got some popcorn and met up with Asia Monet Ray (Dance Moms, Raising Asia, etc.). The seats were already mostly filled so we ended up sitting on the end of the VERY front row. Needless to say, the movie is absolutely INCREDIBLE from any seat! But, let me just explain that the BEST way to watch a movie is with the cast and crew. There is always a speech of thanks at the start, and then a shout out for the Dizzy Feet foundation before the movie. When the movie started, chills were sent down my spine. There is something really incredible about being a part of a movie premiere that is truly unexplainable, but unlike any other feeling and I love it. As the movie continued, we all clapped, cheered, and responded happily when new characters popped on the screen, especially during the director’s brief cameo. One really great moment in particular was when in the movie, there’s a moment of silence from the on-screen audience, but the entire actual theater filled it with their own cheering. Again, watching movies with the cast, crew, and friends is unlike any other movie experience ever and VERY magical.

As the credits began to roll, Eva and I quickly left the theater and went back to the empty carpet to film after-movie reactions from people. We got a few, and then the carpet started to fill up with people who wanted their pictures taken, so of course, I totally helped with that as well! A little while later, the after party concert began. Eva and I made it a point to go and watch and yes…the performance for “Weightless” was incredible! You can watch the after party (was a live stream) here: 

The performances were amazing and afterwards, the cameras were turned off and the party continued with a DJ, free drinks, o’dourves, and all that fun stuff! We got more pictures and got to talk to a bunch of really cool people including Moises Parra (SYTYCD Season 12). I also met Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms and got a ton of footage and photos from the party! There was so much going on and the music was loud and the night was late but I loved every second of it. I was in this cloud of WHAT IS LIFE!?!? I AM AT AN AFTER PARTY IN HOLLYWOOD FOR A MOVIE PREMIERE but don’t worry…I kept my cool at least on the outside!




The party wrapped around 11:30pm so we left around then via Uber. The bus was still outside of the theater, but other than the one stormtrooper, Hollywood was empty. It was eerie being there without the crowds of tourists and people dressed up in costume but oddly beautiful. Yes…after hours, Hollywood goes pretty silent. Traffic does too! It did not take us long at all to get back and then I called it a night, while having the movie’s theme song stuck in my head as I happily went to sleep.

To see more photos from the event, check out my twitter @sarahfhamilton. To see me in an interview fan-girling (just a tad!), you can see that here. To see more interviews, you should go here, and to see a fun little video about the event, make sure that you are subscribed to my YouTube channel!

I had such an incredible time being a part of this great event! Make sure that you see “High Strung”!


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Dancer, singer, actress, YouTuber, and young starlet, Jordyn Jones had her Sweet 16 this past Sunday at the Ohm night club in Hollywood, California. I was invited to go with Eva (@OntheSpotEva) to film celebrity interviews at the red carpet for her party.

The event was definitely glamorous! With a decked out venue, cool bracelets as entrance passes and a ton of attending stars, PLUS a premiering music video, Jordyn’s Sweet 16 was an incredible party!

You can see the following interviews with Jordyn and her friends (which, I am sure you will recognize!) here and on Eva’s channel.

You can also see the music video for her latest single which premiered at the party right here!

Here are some of my own photos I took at the event! I got to meet a ton of really cool people and even chat a bit with some of them!

We didn’t stay at the event very long due to the fact that with the chaos of KCA’s on Saturday and classes on Monday, homework still needed to be done. However, we did get to be in Hollywood for a bit and I had my first Baja Veggie Bowl at Baja Fresh. Yum! More footage will be featured on an upcoming episode of LIVIN’ CA, so make sure that you are subscribed to see it first! 


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This past weekend I got the experience I never even thought I would ever have.

That’s right; I attended the 2016 Kids Choice Awards.

Of course, if you follow me on social media (especially Twitter), you probably already know that. However, there is far more to the story than what a couple of pictures can show. To better capture the essence of the moment, I thought that I would blog about it and share it with you guys right here.

I went as a seat filler with a friend. We both had never been seat fillers before (or had gone to the KIDS CHOICE AWARDS), but were both incredibly excited for the day ahead! We got to the Forum a bit before one pm, as the call time/check in was between one thirty and two. The sun was shining, I wore a one shoulder blue dress (extremely comfy and I should wear more often) with a green jean jacket, small purse, and light blue Converse (we had to wear bright colors and closed toe shoes). There were palm trees around, a little bit of the classic LA smog (which may not help health, but does make lovely sunsets!) and mountains and hills in the distance. The trendy people waiting in lines in a open area with port-a-potty’s nearby gave this Coachella vibe so that was a decent wait. (Also, used a port-a-potty for the first time. Yes, it was gross, but I really had to go and it was not nearly as bad as I expected. Just saying.)

While in line, the people working the KCA’s in purple tees were informing us the life of a seat filler. Basically, during commercial breaks, the celebrities get up, move around, leave, go to the bathroom, do whatever. During that time, when the cameras start rolling again, they want to make sure that the seats are filled up. So, the seat fillers take a spot, and if the celebrity comes back, moves on to another spot. It’s basically glamorous musical chairs. The cool thing about this was that there is a big possibility that any one of us seat fillers could be sitting beside a celebrity. The bad thing was that they strictly forbid cameras and phones. So, no selfies were allowed. Honestly, this wasn’t really a big complaint, since, being there in the first place was AMAZING and to sit beside a celebrity too was priceless. So, photo or not, I was still a happy camper!

Eventually, we made it through security and into the basement tunnels of the Forum, which was pretty neat in itself. Again, there was a wait and a line, but every now and then crew members would pass by, sometimes with carts of Home Depot orange buckets with gooey green slime inside. There was a lot of slime and I had begun to worry that I too would be slimed. Of course, they only slime mostly the kids, but hey, the ticket said that there was a slight possibility of being slimed depending on where I sat and the last time I actually watched KCA was quite a few years ago now. I still remember the Jack Black year though!

After waiting in the tunnel for a while and noticing how far my foot turns when I turn (the things you learn when you are not allowed to use a phone and bored), we were let into the actual area with the stage, audience, and a TON of lights! I noticed a giant thing of slime called “Blake’s Slime” above the stage and two crates filled with confetti. I was sat in the front row very strategically by the KCA crew, only one empty seat away from my friend. It was cold, but the whole area was so cool! The stage was smaller than it looks on TV and there is a little pit area that was soon filled up with kids and their phones sealed in plastic bags. Oh yeah, one kid even had a poncho. They had the right idea.

Again, it was another wait before the actual celebrities joined us after being on the orange carpet (filmed in an tent set up in one of the parking lot areas). However, fun music was playing and they did provide some chaperoned bathroom trips. I went on one of them, feeling like I was in elementary school again, shuttled around everywhere in a line. We got to pass the hair and makeup, dressing, set up, and all that cool behind the scenes stuff in the basement of the Forum…you know…super behind the scenes stuff. I got back and returned happily to my seat.

However, once the celebrities starting coming in, it was not my seat for long. I did see Rico and Raini Rodriguez pass me by a couple times and for a brief moment, I was sitting right in front of Josh Gad (recently in Pixels, and the voice of Olaf!). Yes, I saw him at the Peanuts Movie Premiere a couple months ago, but this may give you an idea of just how close to everyone I was sitting. Right before the show started, however, my friend and myself were asked to take seats a few rows back. As it turns out, Fifth Harmony took our beautiful front row seats. Casual.

But I sat behind YouTubers. Not sure specifically who they are but the constant snapchat updates and vlogs (that I am totally in now) hinted me to figure out that they must be YouTubers. The show was then about to start and the audience had this massive countdown. The vibe was crazy and everything got to intense. It seemed exciting and completely unreal. As a viewer, you could only see the TV part of the show, but in person, there was definitely an entertaining show with the show. When the storm troopers were on the pre-recorded (spoiler alert) intro, they were actually going through the isles and onto the stage in the theater. The screen was really cool too.

As it turns out, time flies by when you’re practically on the other side of a TV screen. Commercial breaks were frantic and happening all of the time, but they went by so quickly! My friend and myself were kept in the same seats the rest of the time, so that was super convenient. I also looked around a lot and saw a ton of other people there like Tiffany Alvord, Laura Marano, Calum Worthy, Sabrina Carpenter, Zendaya, Rowan Blanchard, practically the entire cast of The Thundermans and Dance Moms, and so many others! I was especially surprised to see Ellen and Adam Sandler…like…how!?!?!?!?!? Enough about me being so amazed, the show was so fun! The whole slime show-down was very entertaining with Bethany Mota and Cameron Dallas and the crowd went WILD for the Iron Man vs. Captain America promo (which we all got signs to hold up and then keep). Another highlight was definitely the performance by DNCE for “Cake By the Ocean” which is totally my JAM lately! Nbd…Joe Jonas totally passed me by during that.

The camera guys were going around getting angles all of the time and we were highly encouraged to break the fourth wall. I’m not sure if I am actually seen as anything more than an audience speck, but if you see me, screenshot it and send it to me @sarahfhamilton via Twitter. Thank you in advance!

The whole show went by so fast and no, I did not get slimed. During the first performance, Blake Sheldon told everyone during break that we all needed to use our phones to be like lighters. It looked magical, but the real magic was being allowed to use my phone and camera! I got a bunch of footage and photos from that point on and I am so glad that I could! After the show, everyone frantically found a way to bundle up and try to leave in this big confined mess. I didn’t mind. It smelled like melted plastic, which is what I think that slime is. The kids were covered and one even through some slime at my friend! She was totally cool about it and kept it for a while because #IGotSlimedAtKCA. It’s gooey stuff and DOES stain clothes AND skin FYI. We took some more pictures and eventually left the theater. It was already dark outside, but the excitement was SO REAL.

After, we went to Chick-fil-a (Chick-fil-BAE) and then got some free froyo curtesy of AwesomenessTV at Yogurtland (thank you ATVSquad!). While at Yogurtland, happily eating froyo, she was taking pictures of the slime and I was looking through the pictures and posting some to Twitter when a young girl at the table next to us looked over and said, “You guys went to the Kids Choice Awards?”. To me, it was really cool, but with the way that she said that, she thought that it was even cooler, which was adorable. We talked to her about it for a bit and then went our own ways. It was cool to be recognized though for it! I never even knew that other people but celebrities could go, so maybe she even thought that we were more than just seat fillers! #Famous.

Ok, I’m not famous, but being able to go to that made me feel kind of like it (in the most humble of ways, of course!). I hope to attend KCA again sometime and I do look forward to seeing what else happens in my chaotic and beautiful life! I will be talking more about this and posting more footage on this week’s LIVIN’ CA episode on YouTube, so make sure that you are subscribed to be the first to see that when it comes out (I am a little behind but it will be out soon!).

I had such a wonderful time at the Kids Choice Awards this year! If you have not already seen it, I highly recommend that you do so! It’s a really great show!


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