the easy avocado toast recipe you need in your morning routine

It has been about three years now and I am officially the most basic LA girl…especially now considering my morning routine composed of sunshine, palm trees, and avocado toast.

Cooking and/or baking anything as a college student is always an interesting endeavour, but the key element to it all is eating not only what sounds good, but what is good. I feel my best self when I am eating things that make me feel great and healthy.

So I have become obsessed with avocado toast…and while there are many different recipes already out there for this and it’s pretty self-explanatory to begin with, I thought I would write my delicious, easy, and affordable version.

Easy, Breezy, Lemon-Squeezy

Avocado Toast

What you need:

  • an avocado
  • cinnamon
  • salt
  • pepper
  • onion powder
  • fruit of your choice
  • bread (due to supply on campus, I have been using wheat bread)
  • a toaster


  1. Toast the bread to your liking

  2. Slice a quarter of your avocado (save the rest!)

  3. Sprinkle cinnamon

  4. Sprinkle salt

  5. Sprinkle pepper

  6. Sprinkle onion powder

  7. Top with fruit

  8. Enjoy!

Bon Appétit!



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the taste of autumn (healthy & vegan!)

Tis’ the season of all things autumn!

If you know me, you know that I am OBSESSED with autumn! Despite the fact that I have spent the last (going on) three years now away from the lovely autumns of New York, I still find myself looking up fall aesthetics online, listening to autumn alternative playlists on Spotify, and rocking the scarves the second I feel a breeze.

Of course, one of the BEST things about fall is always the incredible food! Personally, I am not a pumpkin fan, however, I am a major fan of all things apple. That being said, today I came back to my apartment and wanted to make something easy, healthy, delicious, and totally fall time. This is the amazing deliciousness that followed…

Cinnamon Apple Muffin Bowl

a perfect breakfast blend on the go!

What You Need:

  • one apple of your choice (macintosh are my favorite but LA doesn’t seem to have them anywhere so I used a pink crisp)
  • cinnamon
  • water or milk of your choice (I used water)
  • pancake mix
  • a microwave


  1. Chop the apple into small pieces.
  2. Put those pieces inside of a bowl.
  3. Add cinnamon and mix in.
  4. Microwave for two minutes.
  5. Separately, mix pancake batter, water/milk, and more cinnamon in a smaller bowl. Make a small amount and make sure it mixes to a thicker consistency.
  6. Microwave the pancake mix for a minute and a half or until poofy.
  7. Once thoroughly cooked to your liking, combine the two!
  8. Enjoy!

This was such an easy thing to make and it passes as breakfast, a snack, or even a dessert! Plus, it’s super healthy so you can feel amazing eating it as well.




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healthy snacking to-go | back to school series 

No matter what level of schooling you are at (or even if you’re not at all!), having easy and healthy on the go snacks is a great thing. Here are some of my favorite snacks you can pack in a pinch!


It’s light and fun! My favorite brand is Boom Chicka Pop in the sea salt flavor!


Match it with some almond or peanut butter or eat them as is! You can truly never go wrong with carrots.


Skip the messy snacks that leave fingers dusty and orange and choose crackers and/or pretzels! Oyster crackers are amazing and for a filling snack, the Reduced Fat Wheat Thins are incredible.


Cereal is my go to for all great snacking and breakfast delights! I recommend ones that are less to no sugar just for the sake of keeping your energy from peaking and falling mid-day. Special K and Corn Flakes are always ideal! Munch on its own or add some milk.


Fruit can be trickier to pack but it still stands as an amazing snack! One in doubt, fruit cups and applesauce to go are ideal.

Quinoa & Couscous

If you need something a bit heartier, this lovely blend will pick you up while providing some nutrients. It goes well with meals and makes for a great hold-me-over snack! For extra flavor, add some soy sauce!

What are some of your favorite snacks? Let me know in the comments below or tweet them at me @sarahfhamilton!

Happy Snacking!

*This is not a sponsored post! All mentioned above is personal preference. However, please contact me if you or your brand would like to potentially have products featured on this site.


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yummy acaí bowl recipe 

Judge my LA basicness all you want but acaí bowls are absolutely amazing! They are…

  • healthy and filled with great antioxidants
  • deliciously sweet without added sugars
  • versatile and vegan

They make for great breakfasts, lunches and snacks. While finding one around town (Whole Foods, Urth Cafe, and Paradise Bowls all have amazing ones!) may be easy, making your own is easy to do. Plus, it’ll save you some money too! This is how I make my version of a delicious acaí bowl.

Acaí Bowl 


  • acaí pack (Sambaza is great!)
  • chia seeds
  • fruit
  • almond milk (I use Almond Breeze Original Unsweetened)
  • granola
  • honey
  • cinnamon


  1. Gather ingredients.
  2. In a small blender, add one pack of acaí (run under water for five seconds to break it up).
  3. Add 1/4th cup almond milk (or liquid of choice).
  4. Add some fruit. If adding a banana, slice a full one and put half inside. Leave some fruit for the top.
  5. Toss in 1 Tablespoon of chia seeds.
  6. Blend until smooth texture. Add more liquid if not smooth enough.
  7. Place mixture in bowl and decorate the top with leftover fruit.
  8. Add some granola. For extra flair, add a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

…and enjoy!

If you try out this recipe, let me know! Comment below and/or tag me @sarahfhamilton on Twitter and Instagram!



*This is not a sponsored post.



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a “latte” wellness

I love lattes and all things coffee and tea. Recently on my regular Pinterest scroll, I came across some posts about these Wellness Lattes and I thought that I would try it out.

Coffee is great, but if you’re feeling fancy and still want a morning boost without the jitters (or a nighttime latte without staying up!), this is for you!

Here is a wellness latte that I brewed up this lovely friday morning.

Roobios Cinnamon
Wellness Latte


  • Almond milk – original & unsweetened
  • Cinnamon
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Organic Vanilla Roobios Tea

*make substitutes and/or additions as you see best fit!


  1. Pour desired amount of milk into a pot if using the stove.

  2. Bring the stove to medium heat and mix in cinnamon and cocoa powder.

  3. Once hot and beginning to boil, turn off the stove and stir cinnamon around once again.

  4. In a mug, place the roobios tea bag.

  5. Carefully pour the milk mix on top of the tea. Leave the tea bag in for maximum flavor or take out when you’re happy with the taste.

Enjoy! If you try this recipe, let me know in the comments below or on twitter @sarahfhamilton! What other wellness lattes do you want to try?

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buttermilk cinnamon mocha pancakes

Got a morning sweet tooth? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not enjoy something sweet, delicious, easy to make and healthy?

Buttermilk Cinnamon Mocha Pancakes

Ingredients (what I used): 

*I eyed up ingredient amounts

  • Buttermilk whole wheat pancake and waffle mix
  • Cinnamon
  • Strawberries
  • Water (or almond milk)
  • Mocha mix (or coffee and hot chocolate combined)
  • Optional egg (for protein boost)
  • Optional toppings (fruit, honey, maple syrup, etc.)


  1. In a bowl, mix pancake mix with some cinnamon.
  2. Add some water or milk and mix together until creamy consistency (not too clumpy or watered down!). If you add an egg, now is the time.
  3. On a medium heated stove pan, pour mixture.
  4. When the pancake begins to bubble, flip it and watch to avoid burning.
  5. Place pancake on plate. Repeat process until there is no more mixture left to make.
  6. Slice strawberries (or chosen fruit) and put them on top. Add desired toppings.


I had made a mocha using the Starbucks Via Mocha mix and almond milk with extra cinnamon. I drizzled some of this on top of my pancakes as a syrup substitute and it was amazingly delicious!

If you try this recipe, definitely let me know! It is filling and definitely perfect for a stay at home brunch! Tweet it at me @sarahfhamilton.



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healthy & easy breakfast burrito // recipe

I love breakfast foods and literally will eat them at any point of the day, so I debated the title of this post. That being said, here is an easy to make, low-cal, flavorful recipe for you to enjoy!


  • one egg
  • salt, pepper, desired seasoning
  • uncooked tortilla wrap
  • arugula
  • sour cream
  • cheese
  • hot sauce

*for a vegan option, make substitutes for the dairy products


  1. In a small pan, cook the tortilla wrap until bubbles form. Then place the tortilla wrap on a side plate.
  2. Cook an egg and scramble it. Add desired seasonings, cheese, and hot sauce (if you want it cooked in) and then place egg on tortilla.
  3. Top with arugula, sour cream, and the hot sauce (if you want it to top it off).
  4. Let cool a bit and wha-la!

I paired this with some carrots on the side and proceeded to wrap the tortilla burrito-style after taking the photo. This filled me up for a while and provided a delicious, protien-filled lunch option that took less than twenty minutes to cook (and eat!).

If you try this recipe, let me know what you think via twitter @sarahfhamilton!


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Step aside PSL…

Lately, I have been desperately missing autumn and trying to make it as fall-season as possible in the ever sunny LA. From chill autumn playlists to the occasional old fashion donut splurge and the desire to wear scarves and darker makeup, I have done all I can to embrace a season that barely exists. However, Starbucks has been pretty cool with their seasonal drinks, but as I am not a fan of pumpkin-spiced anything, my go-to fall drink is hot apple cider.

Somehow, I ended up at the gym today, scrolling through Pinterest and wondering about the possibility of an apple pie latte or apple spiced latte. On my way back afterwards, I got a shot of espresso from Starbucks and seasoned it up with their complementary nutmeg, chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla. Then, the birth of the best autumn drink happened, in which, I would like to share here with you…

What You Need:

One shot of espresso

Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Chocolate, Vanilla (pick your seasonings as you like!)

Instant hot apple cider mix

Hot water

Little bit of milk (I used nonfat)

One little squeezy of honey

a mug, stir, and straw


  1. Heat up your water…just enough to fill the mug about half way.
  2. Pour water into the mug a bit, add hot apple cider mix, and then add the rest of the water.
  3. Add the spices into the shot of espresso and mix well.
  4. Pour espresso shot into the mug.
  5. Stir together and add additional spices as desired. I reccomend a bit of honey too!
  6. Add a bit of milk to your taste. (Steam/heat milk for extra smoothness!)
  7. Stir it all together and sip through straw (this is a me thing, but it keeps your teeth fresh!)

If you try this recipe, definitely let me know what you think! Comment below and/or tweet at me @sarahfhamilton.

Happy Autumn!


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Craving something sweet?

Me too.

Lately, I have been on a pretty big health kick where I am just eating healthier and trying to make better decisions. Since coming to college, one of my major challenges of “adulthood” has been figuring out who I am as a foodie and it is especially hard being in LA, where culture is literally half EAT ALL OF THESE AMAZING THINGS AND DONUTS and HIT THE GYM, KALE FOR LIFE, AND GREEN SMOOTHIES ALL THE WAY. Again, I don’t think eating in college is normally an easy task for freshies everywhere, but lately, I have been doing especially well.

That is…until I woke up today with a MAJOR sweet tooth! (Which is rare since-if anything-I prefer salty foods.) Turns out, my quick breakfast choice was a latte and a cinnamon roll (NO REGRETS). For lunch, I got a small salad with garbanzo beans, lettuce, cheese, quinoa, black beans, and carrots. Ooh, and the wonton crunchies! However, I ate it in my room and then decided that dessert sounded good. So, I ended up making the most incredible smores ever. The recipe is as follows:



  • pinch of salt
  • Honey Maid graham crackers
  • caffeinated chocolate bar
  • one Dove chocolate
  • cinnamon
  • 3 or 4 marshmallows


  1. put a graham cracker on a plate
  2. put a pinch of salt on it and a bit of cinnamon
  3. cut marshmallows in half and place on cracker
  4. cut down chocolate pieces (both coffee & regular) and spread on cracker
  5. microwave for a minute (check every twenty seconds for consistency)
  6. when done, carefully take out and with a knife, blend the chocolate and marshmallows together
  7. wait to cool a bit if too hot
  8. enjoy!

It’s practically SMORE’S PIZZA so you are very welcome! I enjoyed this a little too much and while you don’t necessarily need the caffeinated chocolate, I highly recommend for the extra kick! The kind I used was dark chocolate espresso and really made the smores have more of a mocha flavor!

If you try this, let me know in the comments or Twitter (@sarahfhamilton)! Hopefully, this will help your sweet tooth the way it did for me. I’m actually quite certain that I am perfectly content with my sugar intake right now so all is well! (Probably, too well, but I digress!)

Happy Smores-Making!me


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The Java Jive


As you may already know I am an official college student.

Which basically means that I have far too much access to coffee.

And yes – us college folk love our coffee!

With a Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and several other locations for coffee on campus, I have truly learned this past month of just how much of a staple coffee is on campus. Here is what I had also learned about coffee as a college student…

  • YES, you CAN overdose on caffeine!!!! – Turns out, getting a triple shot mocha before class was not the best idea!
  • 24/7 Study Buddy – I personally do not drink more than one cup a day at most when it comes down to the bean and even if I am to have something after dark, I usually make it tea…however, there’s plenty of people who keep themselves focused and going even later in the night through coffee. On set days, I tend to agree that coffee is also the way to go.
  • Coffee Dehydrates You! – I knew this one before, but under the constant sunshine, with all of the walking, I tend to get super dehydrated normally and coffee only makes it worse so DRINK YOUR WATER!
  • The Starbucks line is far too long – The on-campus Starbs is brandy new, which basically means that the wait for your latte is going to be long…however, it’s always worth the wait!
  • Chai lattes are just not for me – I had always wanted to try a chai…one not really Pinterest-ed by me… but turns out, it’s just not my thing. I LOVE cinnamon and I LOVE tea but that just wasn’t it.
  • Mochas are LIFE – Perhaps it was the accidental mocha when I ordered a hot chocolate all those years ago that got me hooked on coffee, but I still LOVE mochas so much! They are a perfect blend of coffee and chocolate and literally make my day whether iced or hot.

…and last but definitely not least, Coffee is Beautiful because it really just is. Of course, drinking it in moderation is always best, but there’s something amazing about coffee that really does stand out in my world and probably yours too! Oh, and if you’re more of a tea person…TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE! Tea is amazing too and maybe one of these days I will have a post about it too!

I hope you enjoy your free and discounted coffees on this fine National Coffee Day!

Thank you for joining me today for The Java Jive where I drink coffee and write about coffee.


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