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There’s this word…”normal”. LA took everything I thought I knew about what “normal” meant and flipped it like a pancake. Okay, weird metaphor over…the moral of the story is, life has been incredibly crazy in the best of ways and yet another major step into my new normalcy has happened.

I went to the Creative Arts Emmys on September 9th, 2017 (it filmed on a different day then it aired). There appeared to be only a few types of people there…

  • the nominees/announcers/famous and entertainment industry people
  • their friends and family
  • the amazing crew running the show
  • the seat fillers (a.k.a. yours truly)

As a seat filler for the Kids Choice Awards about two years ago, I knew the drill. Basically the job of a seat filler is to fill in the empty seats (pretty self-explanatory).The main celebs get up and move around during the show, but to make the camera happy, seats need to be filled. So we jump around from seat to seat and despite the fact that you may see a seat filler in various different spots during a program, most viewers won’t be paying enough attention to us to even notice.

So, I got tickets and got to be a seat filler for the Creative Arts Emmys at the Microsoft Theater at LA Live and it was one of the most amazing opportunities.

For starters, I should mention that if you watch the show, watch carefully and send screenshots my way because I make cameos from several different seats throughout the theater. For some time, I was behind the crew of Saturday Night Live. Then I briefly showed up second row right by James Cordon and Derek and Julianne Hough… just to name a few. I moved to the very front by the right steps for the ending so that was amazingly cool too. Plus, after a plethora of years worth of science classes… I can say now that I have seen Bill Nye in person and you bet I “considered the following”… WHAT IS LIFE!?!?!?

To summarize the experience, yes, I saw and sat next to and around so many amazingly cool (and pretty famous) people. At first, I felt as if being a seat filler wasn’t a legit enough excuse to be there. At first, I felt as if I didn’t truly belong there. After all, literally the night before I was spending a quality messy hair homework night on campus when everybody else seemed to be at parties or date nights (which is totally cool and all, but college is a series of varying moments). Which brings us to a moment at the Emmys where everything clicked…

I did belong there among all of those really cool famous people. I am a part of the entertainment industry and in the big picture of things, I happen to actually be a lot like them. We are all creators and storytellers and this is simply a moment of my life that continues to connect my former self who only dreamed of such random opportunities like this with a potential future where I too am a part of the whole system. Yes, I see these sorts of events as very casual moments of life because I see the practicalities behind how and why I get to do what I do. Regardless, just because I see the practicalities, it doesn’t make the umbrella of what I do any less real.


Umbrella: I went to the Emmys!!!!!

Reality: I signed up for free seat filler tickets to go to the Creative Arts Emmys, stood in various long waits, and miraculously ended up in several amazing seats where the camera did face on several occasions!

…Ultimately, both are true and this concept applies to most of everything that I do around this wonderful city. That being said, this was an incredible opportunity and I had the greatest time attending my first Emmys while being further introduced into this chaotically beautiful lifestyle.

If there could be one major thought that I would have to conclude this post on, it’s this: take into account the behind the scenes look at the media you consume. Every single day, it is so easy to take things for how they seem to be. Watching TV, seeing movies, looking at various media on the plethora of platforms that currently exist is such a common activity yet, there are so many people who spend their livelihoods making all of that so possible. So the next time you are watching something or simply scrolling through your phone, take a moment of appreciation for all of those who may or may not be on-screen who are making the content you are consuming possible.

Check out the Creative Arts EMMYS Saturday September 16th at 8pm ET/PT, 7pm CT on FXX!

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