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I have always been a fan of lipsticks, lip gloss, and lip products that make them pop and survive various temperatures. However, it just so happens that finding the perfect lip product for long-time wear is a difficult task. Luckily for me, the brand, LipSense, reached out to me and I became instantly interested about their products.

Here is the initial rundown about LipSense… their lip products are so long-lasting that they are waterproof, kiss-proof and smudge-proof to the point where the color does not come off until you take it off (via the remover provided). To make matters even better, LipSense lays color over lips and then the gloss seals the color in. “It’s Lead Free, Wax Free, Gluten Free, Vegan friendly, never tested on animals, contains NO animal by-products, is made from naturally reoccurring ingredients and is made in the USA”.

A lovely thank you to Karen Brasiola Mitchell for sending me a product kit to try. I like it so much, that I decided to write this post about it!

I’m always looking for a lip product that will stay all day and get through various weather temperatures, coffee, and my daily life. Inside of the adorably packaged box, I got some information on the other products, perfume sampler, and the lip color (Aussie Rose), moisturizing gloss, and Ooops! Remover. Following the application instructions, I began to add the color on my clean and clear lips. The product itself applies far differently and feels more dry than regular lip glosses. I waited for it to dry to avoid sticking and was surprised to see it dry as fast as it did. After about three layers, I added the clear gloss to seal the color in, which provided extra moisture.

Turns out, it feels very natural and lightly plumpifies my lips. The color is rich and beautifully natural looking and even with minimal face makeup, it added a nice pop to my face without drawing mass attention to my lips. I didn’t need a lip liner and the longer I had the product settle, the better my lips felt. As it goes for the scent, the products had a floral tone with a slight tang of the alcohol that keeps it bacteria free. Once applied, the smell seemed to fade away while the color stayed strong.

Here is a video about the application process: https://www.facebook.com/SeneGence/videos/10153283993174080/

I tested it on a hot afternoon in sunny LA. Since September always brings the hottest weather around here when all I want is sweater weather and fall time, the humidity is high, making this test really…well, a test. Turns out, the color did last the entire night despite multiple fans, drinking non-stop water, and the night heat on a spontaneous Saturday night. The color lasted even after I took a much-needed shower, but it was about that time when it started to come off. That being said, I do not recommend swimming with it (or any lip product for that matter), but LipSense definitely lives up to its expectations!

However, since I only wore it for a few hours one night, I decided to try it again the next day to see how it lasted. It was another hot day I ended up in Malibu. There was no time to reapply either the gloss or color, but there was also no need! The color survived most of the day and only began to disappear later on into the late afternoon. Once I took off my makeup for the night, I realized that my lips felt more exfoliated and fresh. As it goes for the remover, it helps with cleaning up mistakes, but regular makeup remover works well too. However, the remover does work wonders and has a lovely vanilla scent!

Long story short, I am quite impressed by this product and I am definitely excited to use it again! It’s not just a long-lasting lip product…it’s long-lasting magic.

To learn more about LipSense, check out their website at https://www.lipsense.com/.

Check out Karen’s Hip Chic Beauty Boutique on Instagram, Facebook, and https://www.senegence.com/karenslastinglips!

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